Thursday, 8 May 2008

Nothing to report

Here's my hunney. He started a new job last week, after wearing a polo shirt and cargo pants for years he suddenly has to wear a shirt and tie. Here he is all scrubbed up for his first day.

Poor soul, he was soooo nervous. I barely got him to stand still long enough for this pic, I knew I'd get no second chance. LOL

Life for me has been work, work, work. Ugh! The only reason I'm here now is because I'm off sick! (Cough, splutter) .

I have just about finished my swap quilt, it needs only the hanging sleeve to be attached. Then it will be on it's way. Nope no pics. I decided in the end after a lot of swearing and unpicking, then more swearing and unpicking that I'm not yet ready to hand quilt a gift! I'll need to practice some more on something for myself. So out came the sewing machine and down went the feed dogs. I stuck with the idea of following a template that reflected the theme of the quilt though. Maybe not the tidiest, but my very best and first ever effort at something more creative than a meander.

I want to get one or two little local souvenirs to pop in with it and something yummy too. So a question, what is the best way to send it? Rolled? Folded?

Right, I'm off, back to my sofa and my CSI DVD collection, I'm in no fit state to pick up a needle or a cutting blade.
Hope you're all feeling a lot better than me just now. Have a great day.


Karol-Ann said...

Get well soon. Hope the new job goes well!!

Janet said...

Oh, Poor Loulee! Get well soon..and tell your hunney, I wish him luck on his new venture!

Libby said...

Hope that Hubby is coping well with his new dress code . . . it can be an adjustment*s* Take care and don't overdo that way you'll be feeling better far more quickly *s*

angelstar said...

Get well soon Loulee. Hope those csi dvds are good. which ones are they? Hope the job goes well.


Ali Honey said...

Yes thanks I am feeling better than you. I do hope you get well soon. Do you know about tissues with aloe vera on them - they are so much kinder on the nose.

Best Wishes to Hubby too; I hope it goes well for him. Please take care of your self. Hugs from Ali.

katelnorth said...

wow - another finished quilt - can't wait to see it. Hope you are feeling better.