Sunday, 18 May 2008

A stitchy time was had.

I finally got to get to my machine and do some stitching. :-)

While the big monsters were playing Jenga,

And doing the dominoes thing once they got bored!

I was able to get on and sew, and sew and sew,

aided by my assistant and future owner of this quilt.

He was snipping as I was chain piecing. Needless to say this was the very last piece in the chain. Personally I wouldn't have put these two fabrics together, but this is what he wanted, remember he helped to design his own quilt and he chose the fabrics. So now I have 24 blocks made and need to cut sashing, I have yellow and red for sashing, more black dragons and yellow for the borders.

Tis Sunday, the one and only day I do a cooked breakfast, so I'd better get to it before they try to eat me instead.

Have a great day. I will, it's my nieces birthday party today.


Karol-Ann said...

Love that picture of your son helping. I think the dragons look ace! looking forward to seeing more..
ps we had a fry-up too. I'm still stuffed LOL

blackbearcabin said...

His dragon quilt is going to be awesome...and the memories he will have from helping you to make it will make the quilt that much more special to him! What fun...cant wait to see it all together! For someone who hasnt had any time off, you sure have accomplished a lot! :)