Thursday, 1 May 2008

Twice in two days!

Another day off, too good to be true. A sad day though, one of my colleagues lost her mother on Sunday and today is her funeral, I'll be attending later.

On a brighter note, I got a good start on cutting pieces for my DS2 quilt top and will be doing more today, I may even get to the point where I can start putting it together, that should keep him happy for a while.

I've been looking at the swap quilt, it's here on the table all sandwiched ready to go..... I've decided I'm going to have a bash at hand quilting this one. Up to now I've only ever used my machine to stitch in and near the ditch! And I've done some meandering, this top really is begging for a bit more than that, so I've found a template to follow and I'll give it a go.
I sat last night and stitched the label, I've dated it May so I have a whole month to do the quilting, I see a few more nights in front of the TV, shouldn't be too hard with no late shifts huh?
I just need to decide which to use, matching or invisible thread.

Sorry, no names! This is the first time I've made a label like this, I usually just stitch on one of the tags Hunney bought for me. I enjoyed doing it and may have to start adding them to all of my quilts.

Have a great day.


Lynda said...

The label is lovely. How exactly have you done it? The letters look very neat and rounded. I vary my labels between Pigma pen, free-machined letters, preprogrammed machine letters and stem stitch depending on how much time I have.

blackbearcabin said...

hey...youre being awfully secretive...cant we even get a little peek? :)
The label looks looks written, not hand stitched. Which means your quilting is going to be fabulous!
Im almost done cutting all the fabric out for mine, my least favorite part of quitling, so im pretty happy about that :)
Id like to hand quilt mine too, so id like to get it sandwiched fairly soon to take my time with the quilting part. Cant wait to see pics of yours when its all done...that is, if you are going to share any :)
happy quilting!

Teresa said...

Nice job on the label...did you do that by hand?

Marlene said...

Hi Loulee, Days off are the best! It sounds like you were overdue. Hope your hand quilting is going well. Show us, when you can.