Monday, 2 June 2008

Mad Sunday

Today is Mad Sunday, the day when traditionally all the people who visit the island to watch the TT races get to go out on to the road course and have a lap. It's bedlam out there! Locals, except for the bravest or most fool hardy stay at home out of the way.
Look Here (8 min You Tube video of the mountain part of the course.)
and Here (Still image of Parliament Square in Ramsey, plus link to BBC article)
and Here (A selection of Google images)
And here (OMG!!) ..........if you want to know more.

Needless to say, with no work today, I stayed home. I got on this morning with the first part of the mystery quilt in Popular Patchwork magazine.
My young assistant joined me again and seemed disappointed when we had completed part one and I put everything away.

This part involved making 40 four patch units and turning 8 of those into four rectangles.

That's it, that's all I can do until the new magazine arrives.

I'm off to cross stitch for a while.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Lorraine said...

Hmm looked up a couple of the links and I am thinking I would be staying at home as well! Colour me dumb but what does TT stand for........hope the assistant can find something to do while waiting for the next magazine!

Shelly B. said...

I love that thread in the quilt and I will take a better picture as it hangs. A friend of mine does thread art and she has inspired me to think outside my beige, grey and brown thread.
Love your signature sewing machine!

Lynda said...

I think you're very brave to leap into the dark of a mystery quilt! I've only ever tried one, and when it was finished, I hated it! The colours were all wrong. Mind you, I kow lots of people who love doing them, so look forward to seeing yours completed. (Don't worry, I can wait!)

blackbearcabin said...

i cant imagine why you stayed home all day :)
that was interesting, i didnt know about those races, so thanks for with Lorraine though...what does the TT stand for? :)

love the colors of your mystery quilt so far...ive never tried one, so it will be fun to follow along with yours.

Sarah Nopp said...

Mad Sunday indeed! Keep off the roads! I love to visit places during the off season, so I don't have to worry about scenes like this. About the only time we have that many motorcycles here is during the Fun Run, where hundreds of bikers get together to deliver gifts and stuffed animals to charity groups. Thankfully it is only a couple hours LOL