Monday, 9 June 2008

More Mystery and Amber is Finished.

I took the day off yesterday, well I didn't do anything stitchy or quilty, I did however have a mad panic and do some homework for the risk assessors course I'm doing for work. :-P My Tutor will be here in a day or two and I have to have something to show her!!

So, I've had a wonderful relaxing morning today getting on with part two of the Popular Patchwork Mystery. Here we have Unit C

Unit D
And unit E
They are all bagged and labelled awaiting the next magazine and instructions for part three.
I have to wait a whole month for that. Me thinks I'll have to find something else quilty to be doing as well as my cross stitch.

Amber has been busy too, here is her bagged out 'I spy' charm quilt. I assume she will be tying it or sewing some buttons on.

She has done a great job, here's aunty Loulee's fabric on the back.

And a label, I didn't realize she was making a gift. Yes, she stitched the label too.

Everyone concerned is very proud. I'll keep you posted on her next project. At this rate I'll have to change the title of my blog, it seems that Moya and Amber have more to show than me lately.

Have a great day.


Janet said...

Your Mystery is looking nice, and Amber's quilt is quite nice also! She did a wonderful job, congrats to her!

Karol-Ann said...

What a cute I-spy quilt! Well done Amber!!!
You are really keeping up with that mystery - well done to you too!

blackbearcabin said...

Those mystery quilt colors are fabulous! i love those fabrics :)
and kudos to amber for her quilt as well! Looks like you guys have created another fabric junkie :)

Anonymous said...

Love your latest mystery quilt blocks. Love the colours. Aren't your girls very clever. Lovely label. Handmade is a lovely finishing touch.

Julz said...

Hi Loulee - thank you for your kind words, hubby is doing well after the knee op and he will be home Friday... just had a quick browse through your blog - lovely mystery quilt you are working on - gorgeous vibrant colours. Amber's I spy quilt is lovely - I see a few fabrics that I have in my own stash - namely the dragonfly batik which I have used in a butterfly stack and whack pattern...have a lovely day look forward to visiting your blog more often :) Hugs J x

Anonymous said...

Love the orange fabric for the mystery quilt, can't go wrong with orange. The label is just wonderful, what a lovely finishing touch!

Lynda said...

Your mystery is loking really good. the colours are fabulous! Well done Amber on having a finished quilt! What a gorgeous label too!