Saturday, 30 August 2008

A finish and some owls.

As I said last time, Moya and Lauren paid us a visit on Thursday. I had everything ready for Lauren to make cookies. Her big cousin was charged with helping her and for taking photos. Note the distinct lack of cookie pictures? LOL They were all blurred, never mind, the cookies tasted yummy and Lauren believes that she will once again be the star of Aunty Loulees blog.
I got my sewing machine out and put together a little bag. For the front I used the Butterfly Mandala I cross stitched.
The back is some beautiful buterfly fabric and it's lined with a plain blue. I stitched a piece of ribbon just inside the top edge and threaded a piece of very fine ribbon through that in order to make a drawstring.
Once I had finished with that I got on with some more cross stitch which I have once again fogotten to take a picture of.
While I was doing that Moya was busy finishing the applique work she was busy with last time she was here. The owls finally have their eyes and I think they look just fine.

She has cut out and started a second one of these. I know the first is for a friends baby, it's to hang in his room, but I'm not so sure what the second one is for.

I'm off to play, yesterday I cut the final pieces for the mystery quilt in Popular Patchwork Magazine.

3 Things to be grateful for.....

1) A night out with the girls.

2) A sweet sweet niece.

3) Stash in the post. (Pictures next time.)


Janet said...

Looks great Loulee!

Ginnie said...

I love your bag, great choice of material. Cute owls too!

Miss 376 said...

The butterfly fabric really goes well with the cross stitch, and I love your sisters owls. Beautiful.