Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Progress Report

For those who are exclusively looking for quilty content stop reading now! This post has a zero quilt rating. Sorry.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had done very little to the Endangered Babies, well I did a little more to it last night. The Polar bear finally has a nose! I was finding it hard to concentrate last night though and ended up doing some back stitching, I've done a little more of that around the tiger, it's not so obvious though.

It's at about this stage in every cross stitch project, you know, when the end is in sight, but never seems to be getting any closer? That I start to get a bit down with it, a bit bored and fed up. I so want it to be over so that I can move on to the next one. LOL You know I've planned the next one, I've also said I want to finish my clients picture, and I'm sure I'll change my mind again before I get there. LOL We'll see.

As a quick little project that I can pick up here and there, I've started to make some Christmas gifts. This little one will take me back to my sewing machine, as when it's finished I plan to turn it into a bag, which will be filled with goodies.

It's one of the free cross stitch charts I mentioned last time and I found it here. The fabric I'm working on is a piece of 14 count aida from Polstitches Dragon Shades collection it's called 'Fallen Leaves' (For the uninitiated, thats a hand dyed colour.) and the threads are Dinky Dyes 'Bush Baby' (Another special dye).

I'm hoping that the relatively quick finishes of these freebie charts will give me enough of that sense of satisfaction to keep me going on the larger projects, like the babies and the tree skirt.

It's my morning off so I'm off to play.


Miss 376 said...

Love the christmas gift stitching-very delicate

Anonymous said...

This one is coming along very beautifully, I also love those butterflies!