Saturday, 23 August 2008

A short note

Yesterday was a mixed day. On a good note, I finished the Butterfly Mandala. It's all ready to be made into a bag.

I also started a new small piece, a Christmas decoration. I can work on that down stairs. I don't like working alone in the study at the moment or I would have gotten on with the endangered babies.

Yesterday was Moyas birthday, I spoke with her on the phone for a while. I gave her a book and a little quilt kit, which she collected when she was here the other day.

Things to be grateful for.....

1) A sunny day.

2) Friendly colleagues

3) A whole nights sleep, no disturbances.

Have a happy day.


Lurline's Place said...

Yep! I agree, Loulee and Blogland is always a nice place to visit.
Hugs - Lurline.

blackbearcabin said... sure work fast with needlepoint! i look forward to seeing it become a sure it will be gorgeous!

Ali Honey said...

Your butterfly mandala is lovely. Well done on finishing.

We are back to stormy rain so sunny sounds great.

Cheers from NZ!

Miss 376 said...

Well done on finishing the butterflies.