Sunday, 21 September 2008


My bargain of the day! The little shop around the corner was having a sort out and getting rid of some old stock. Moya and I happened to be there when she was bagging up some reels of Sylko thread, so we got a bag each for £1.00 into the Sooty tin! Moyas bag has a similar assortment. There is some cotton and some polyester.

I have all five little bags done, there will hopefully be five happy little girls on Christmas day. All that remains is to gather some lip glossies and some pretty hair slides or something similar to pop into each bag. I know they are all the same, so I have added a tiny bow to each handle, each bow being a different colour which will I hope put an end to arguments over whose is whose before they even start. If I had been using my brain I would have used five different fat quarters, but.....hindsight is 20/20 isn't it?

I love the way they look al hung up here on the door handles.

You've seen this image before, but it was so long ago I thought I'd remind you what the first ones looked like.

And modelled by my lovely DD is the second design.

Now to make some big girl bags! I want to have a play with some of the left overs from the starwberry lemonade fabrics. I've got one of those half baked plans formulating and brewing so we'll see what happens there.


1) Another sunny day.

2) Hunney home for the day.

3) Bread baking in the oven. (Shame you can't scratch and sniff)


Stephanie said...

Darling bags! Definitely happy little girls when the open them!!!

Lurline's Place said...

You've been a busy girl ... gorgeous little bags!
Hugs - Lurline.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfull bags, its allways great to pick up a bargain when someone has clear out,
Take care

Miss 376 said...

These bags are beautiful and the bows are a lovely touch

blackbearcabin said...

Those bags are adorable...the girls will love them! Youve been busy!