Monday, 22 September 2008

A Big girl bag.

Yes I know, two posts in one day!  But I just had to share.

I did some applique! Not my usual whizz along on the sewing machine either, I hand appliqued a strawberry onto the front panel of my bag.

And here's a closer look!  I'm rather pleased with myself, blanket stitch is something I've always struggled with and given up on. I usually make a mess of it because although I use my right hand, I stitch left handed, if that makes sense. So it was a huge leap for me to get it right.

So buoyed on by that success I kept on going and produced another bag.  Hunney proclaimed that the handles looked far too small to fit such a large bag. Same size as I used for the little girl bags. (Ye of little faith.) I'm very pleased with it.

The back is made up from off cuts and left overs, of which there are still plenty. The seeds on the strawberry are each made up from two tiny green seed beads.
I had intended to get some more sewing done today but Mother appeared with four grocery bags full of fresh veggies! She had been to a fruit and root show and purchased all sorts, so I now have a freezer full of veggies and a cauldron of onion soup bubbling on the stove.

Gratitude's (Take Two)

1) Tasty fresh Veggies
2) A visit from Mother!
3) Dinner is ready.


Ginnie said...

Fab bag, love the strawberry!!

Karol-Ann said...

Love your strawberry! And the little girl bags are too cute too!

Stephanie said...

Great strawberry. Just love those bags.

Fiesta said...

nice job on those strawberries.

blackbearcabin said...

too cute...LOVE the strawberry bag!!!

Miss 376 said...

The strawberry is fabulous and the handle is just right! Makes a lovely change doesn't it, to sit and do hand sewing