Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Bits of progress.

After a weekend off I was back to work yesterday, then I had an appointment, so very little time to myself. On Sunday after I had blogged I did manage to get one or two things done. Remember those little bags I wanted to make? I appliqued the flower panels onto the fabric. Before constructing the bags and their linings. They really were very simple to make.
They're so cute, I want one for myself, but I have more to make for the nieces first!
I also went on to make some little gift bags from the off cuts of this fabric, but forgot to take a photo, they don't have handles yet, so when I put those on I'll get pictures.
My cross stitch has moved very little to be honest. I did sit up in the study with Hunney last night, but achieved very little, the panda bear has an ear and a sprig of Bamboo, while the polar bear got his nose back stitched. So this one really looks pretty much unchanged.

The winter village scene has changed I have finished cross stitching the lower part of the chart and have begun the back stitching. There is another little house and tree in the distance and a few snowflakes to add then this one will be complete.

Did I mention how much I've enjoyed working on this little chart. I really have and I'm already planning which one to stitch next.

What am I grateful for?

1) I'm on a late shift today.

2) A sunny day.

3) Time to stitch and sew.

Today will be a good day.


Miss 376 said...

The bags are gorgeous, I am sure they will be very well received. You've managed to get quite a bit done

Lelia said...

very nice bag & lovely needlework projects, too!

Anonymous said...

I adore the flowers on this bag, wonderfull Thankyou for great blog

Lynda said...

The bag is lovely. (How do you get the handles in? Is it as fiddly as it looks?) A friend said she was lucky enough to pick up some grotty bags from the charity shop, which had good handles, and cost her a fraction of the mormal handle price. A good tip.