Thursday, 18 September 2008

Can't stop, must dash.

I've had no time to sew or do nice things! Too busy working.

Had my second session at the office, it was great. The girls I work alongside are fun to be with and I accomplished everything I set out to do.

Thats twice now I've been to Onchan and not bothered to go up the hill to the sewing shop though. However, while we were out on Tuesday Moya and I did pop into the lovely shop in Port Erin. Lookee what I got.

I adore the batik, when I have more time I'll get the iron out and show it off properly. It's beautiful. I also managed to pick up a couple of Christmas presents, which I left in the car!! Good excuse to see moya again soon. 

Gotta go, got to get to work.


1) Lovely fabrics.

2) Fun at the office

3) A late shift tomorrow!  YAY!!


Ginnie said...

Lovely fabric, I especially love the black one with butterflies.

Miss 376 said...

Oooh lovely fabric. Looking forward to seeing that in a different form

Lynda said...

The batik is gorgeous. It woud be great as a feature fabric in something.

blackbearcabin said...

Are you becoming a collector of butterfly fabrics?
glad to hear you are enjoying the new work setting! that can certainly make life nice :)