Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Free to a loving home.

My therapist would roll her eyes if she could see this! I went to see her last night, but because I have a bit of a head cold the session just didn't get started. So Maria sent me home, she suggested that I get in some quality me time, do some sewing, soak in the bath or read a book, but it had to be something for me! I walked home slowly, enjoying the sunshine, looking out over the park and the sea, it was lovely, when I got closer to town I remembered that I needed to get some milk, so ended up in the supermarket with a full basket. When I got home I saw the state of the floor and got the vacuum out, when I finally made it upstairs to change I decided to do some laundry cause the darks basket was looking full. While I waited for the washing machine to finish, I did a little sewing, I finished off a gift I can't show here, then eventually sat down with a book, for my me time, and promptly fell asleep! I promised myself that I would have that me time today, I got in from work, via the shop, again, went through the laundry routine again (Lights this time!) put the dinner in the oven, looked at my sewing table and saw yesterdays results, which are now tucked into this pretty little bag.

Not a great picture, I'm sorry about that. This little bag and it's contents are going free to a loving home, if you would like a chance to win a selection of bought and handmade goodies simply comment on this post and tell me what you would do to relax and use up some truly ME TIME. I'll have a draw on Wednesday 1st October, because it's Wednesday and this is my blog and that's when I feel like doing it.
And in the mean time....I'll hang the washing up, stir the dinner do some ironing and probably fall asleep before I figure out what to do with a few minutes of me time.
When does a busy working Mum ever have ME TIME!!?
I get a change of pace tomorrow, it's my office day, not sure whats in store for me, I have only limited plans, I'm sure something will come up.
Today I was working with a new lady. (Hello Chris! Did you find me?) She was very nice and I hope my battering her with information didn't put her off, I know the first few days in a new job can be daunting as there is so much information to take in. I tried to be gentle, I know I didn't rabbit as much as I have with others, I don't think my voice could have lasted! LOL
The washing machine has finished! And my sewing table is shouting louder than the ironing board.....maybe I'll get that quality me time after all.
1) Another sunny day.
2) Beechams Cold and Flu capsules
3) All those veggies I diced on Sunday.


anne bebbington said...

For me - I guess it has to be that my home would magically be transformed into something with an additional swimming pool and health spa on the side. Then I could have a lovely swim in the pool all to myself (without anyone else accidentally splashing me in the face - my pet hate when I'm swimming) and then a lovely relaxing massage. Then because this is all within the confines of my home I could go and spend some time in my miraculously tidied and enlarged sewing room and stitch away to my hearts content without anyone asking about tea, or requesting a pat on the back for the paving slabs he's been laying along the side of the house, or help with homework etc etc etc.

Well we can all dream can't we?

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Count me in...I do find my fair share of me time, but it is always inevitably interrupted by their you said me time for the working mom is difficult.

Miss 376 said...

Oh this sounds so familiar, shame the chores don't understand the meaning of "me time". The only true me time that doesn't get interrupted so often is when I get a bath, up to my chin with bubbles, a cup of tea at the side and my book. Trouble is, I lie there thinking about the sewing or knitting I could be doing, lol

Narelle said...

Gosh, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.'Me Time' is always interruped, isn't it.
If I could arrange a whole day of uninterruped 'me time', I'd like to spend it at a quiet country retreat, in a room with a balcony, sitting on the balcony with a coffee, box of chocolates and a good book. Perhaps some quilting magazines as well. Add some nice music to listen too and room service to take care of the eats and drinks.
What a lovely thought!

Julz said...

Hi Lou - ME TIME... hmm that would entail encouraging the girls to spend the day at their girlfriends, send hubby out for the day to his mates or on woodchopping duty for his parents. Then it would be turn a blind-eye to the house work, laundry, hungry cats etc and settle myself at my sewing machine, with Andre Bocelli on the stereo, a large mug of coffee by my cutting board and projects ready to work on. Somewhere along the way make time to have stop and phoning my sister, before going back to sewing, whilst thinking about what quick meal or takeaway could treat the family with later that evening for dinner... Then to top it off would be to go to bed early in my favourite pj's and read my book before the zzzz's took over... though in reality - ME TIME - is even 5 mins where I can stop and deep breathe, while I refocus on the next task ahead... HUGS to you Jx

Lorraine said...

I am really lucky.....I get to have quite a bit of "me" wonderful partner who also works full time (as I do) shops, cooks, washes and irons and spoils me rotten.....our kids are grown up and only one lives at home(.....and he does his own washing and ironing....)so I get so spend my "me" time in the sewing room....I just love to be in there with patterns,fabric, magazines and all my "stuff"!! Inspiration plus!! So nothing fancy for me.....just time in my sewing room!

Ann J said...

Being 'retired' you would think that I'd have loads of Me Time, but I now wonder how I managed to hold down a full time job!!

Me Time, hmm - think it would have to be more time to read instead of falling asleep every night after reading the same paragraph 3 times !! Mind you, the books do last longer this way !! Luv...AJ

Andrea said...

I would just settle for having the house to myself for a whole day and just do what I want when I want. I love my own company now and again and no doubt I would end up sewing - perhaps watching a dvd that no-one else likes such as Little Women. Bliss xx Hope you get some quality time soon.

Karol-Ann said...

I couldn't imagine it! I would have to slog away for days to 'earn' any me time! I would need a tidy and clean huse, kids and hubby OUT and then I would lie in bed, snoozing, handsewing, drinking tea... Should they be gone a long time, I would even have a bubble bath while reading a patchwork magazine and eating chocolates!!!
If they went away for the weekend! Even better, I would sort out my sewing room, while eating a whole tub of Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate. Snooze some more, maybe read a book, and tackle a UFO after reurning from a massage (LOL).
BUT, I have almost no 'me' time so I don't see this happening for a bit.

Hope you get some 'me' time - although stitching with your man sounds pretty cozy!

Annie said...

I have "me" time every three weeks - I have a regularly scheduled 1hr massage!!! I actually started because I just couldn't relax my back - now I use it to just relax!!! Other "me" times are when I am home alone (doesn't happen too often), sewing even thou for others is relaxing therefore "me" time.......hope you find your "me" time

peggy said...

I get enough of "me" time too but my problem revolves around the fact that I have to get up at 5am to be at work by 7am so by the time I get in from work and have a cuppa tea and make dinner, "me" time is usually sleeping in front of the tv.....

I am enjoying reading your blog and seeing your projects.

Peggy in NJ

Shasta said...

What a pretty bag! Anytime I do what I am in the mood to do, I consider it me time. Whether it is cleaning or sewing, vegging out in front of the tv or reading, or giving myself a beauty treatment, or fixing something around the house or cooking. I get to decide what "my time" will consist of.

quiltmom said...

Hi Lou,
It can be challenging to find space for me to have me time in our little house- We have a 20 year old son that enjoys spending time with his friends in our small house ( a good thing that his friends feel comfortable here) but sometimes the house feel more crammed than when he was little. LOL However having said that, I can find some time to read and to quilt- sometimes it occurs in small chunks of time especially during the school year. I am lucky that my husband is very supportative of my interests and does lots of jobs around the house. Another way I have me time is to take a quilt course that is more like a quilt club. I have quilted with the same group of women for 12 years and it is a place where one can let their hair down so to speak. Whether it is enjoying a bath or having a cup of tea and reading the paper, I find ways to have a little bit of time to call mine most days. The dust will still be there tomorrow and s I don't clean as much as I could.. And my child is not small so that also makes a difference.
Hope you can find some ways to have me time-
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,