Wednesday, 10 September 2008

My First Day

Today is my first day in my new role, I get to go to a different town and work at the office instead of working my usual shift in the unit! WOO HOO! 

Oh and I remembered there is a stitchy shop just up the road from the office, not the greatest in the world, but she does stock quilty and cross stitchy stuff.

I was there last week sorting out a stationary order and ensuring that all of my files etc had arrived safely from the admin block in Ramsey so it's not entirely new to me.

Just popping in to edit.

I had a good but loooong day. 
I got there to find that the owners of the building had ripped out the kitchen and bathroom! They are replacing it with a toilet which can be accessed and used by our wheel chair users. 
But no loo or water for us today. Thank goodness the library next door have friendly staff.

The last person to seriously do the job couldn't organise the proverbial party in a brewery so I inherited a heck of a mess. The lady who filled in did do a lot of sorting out but we found more today. I filled two bins! There is now room in my filling cabinet for all of my Health and Safety stuff as well as all of the Training and Development stuff.
There is still a lot of catching up to do. 
The poor girl at regional HQ will be pulling her hair out, she only just got my temporary predecessor up a toddling and now she has to start all over again with me. 
This new task is going to keep me out of mischief for a while.
1) A tidy filling cabinet
2) New challanges
3) A nice glass of wine. (At the end of a busy day)


anne bebbington said...

Great stuff Loulee - lets hope this is the fresh start after all the trials and tribulations you've been troubled with of late

Janet said...

Good luck on the new position!

quiltygal said...

Hi Lou
Glad to see you so perky at the moment maybe this job change is what you needed its awful when you have strife at work 'cos its not like you can get away ... I work with a load of women its my first time with that & I cant believe how awful they can be to one another its like kindy.. I stood up at a staff meeting which was for us all to give our opinions about allocation of overtime & cos mine differed from 2 others they
( the 2)didnt speak to me for 3 months !!!
so childish... Love the gift bag what a good idea I have some gifts to send to Wales for xmas think Ill do the same for those

Miss 376 said...

Hope all goes well with the new job. Love the gift bag

blackbearcabin said...

"keep you out of mischief"...are you sure about that? :)