Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Gift Bags!

I've spent the last few days supposedly working hard at my NVQ, I say supposedly because as some of you know I've also been reading your blogs! LOL I have been good though and have churned out a 13 page document all about Health and Safety in my work place, it took a long time and so many pages because I am the Health and Safety Rep for the whole of Leonard Cheshire Isle of Man. (Sounds impressive doesn't it?) So everything has to be spot on! I'll hand it to my assessor tomorrow and see what she thinks of it.

I rewarded myself this afternoon with a few minutes of sewing time. It's been my habit for a few years to recycle gift wrap and gift bags, I must say I prefer the latter, they are easier to save. It's one of my nieces birthdays soon and I could find nothing really girly in my stash, seems I've used it all up, so that gave me the impetus to get this little bag finished. It's been sat on my table for over a week awaiting handles.

Katie can keep her girly goodies in it after she has taken her gift out of it.Seems it's just the perfect size for this little kit.

There is a second bag, just the same and I have a use in mind for that too.

Tuesdays for me are usually pretty awful, the day after I see my therapist, but today I've managed to keep my mind focused on other things, is this a sign that I may have turned a corner? I hope so, the last few months have been pretty bleak. I think today's lighter mood was also assisted by Moya, she had planned to spend the day with me, but because of an appointment had to leave before lunch. It was good to see her though, she has another mini quilt on the way, Rachel's Crazy pigs wall quilt

I start a newish part of my job role tomorrow! Instead of going to the unit in my home town of Ramsey, one day a week,  I get to go to our Onchan offices where I will learn and take on the role of Training and Development Officer, I'll carry out this role alongside my other roles, Senior Support Worker and Health and Safety Rep. More pay??  Ha! Don't be silly!

There is a beef casserole in the oven, my Hunney and my fisherman son will both be home for dinner in a couple of hours but in the mean time, my time is my own, so I'm off to cross stitch.  

1) My Boy home safe from sea.
2) Schools back!
3) Days off work.


Janet said...

Hey Lou, Any girl would love that bag as the gift inside!

I do so hope you turned a's time for some "up" days! You deserve some.

Karol-Ann said...

That's a cute bag - I'm sure she'll love it. You do sound brighter (busier! and brighter!)

Ali Honey said...

A gift in a gift is a great idea, and wonderful recycling.

Good luck for the days ahead, may you have far more ups than downs.