Friday, 26 September 2008

This little piggy....

Has lots of names and none of them are very complimentary! It's actually Moyas and I don't think she is enjoying the experience. This is the first time she has done needle turn applique. Yesterday she sat here with baby piggy and there was lots of swearing and some un picking....

Before we settled down to sew, we went shopping and I found some bits for the village.

The model on the packet showed some froufrou at the tip and bottom, but I didn't want to reproduce that, I wanted something light, that looked like snow, and snow I found. I put a curl in the lower ribbon hoping it would end up looking like a snow drift and sort of echo the shape of the snow in the scene. I also found my snow sequins, I've attached them with tiny clear beads.
For those who complimented the hangar, I had absolutely nothing to do with it's choosing, that's what came in the packet. It's perfect isn't it.

Although neither of us achieved 3-4 hours worth of anything we had a good day and take away for lunch.

I'm off to work, I have five risk assessments to produce!


1) Another project finished.
2) It's friday and it's my weekend off.
3)Time with my sister.


anne bebbington said...

Oh dear - whatever did we do with our time before risk assessments - and however did we all survive?

Ali Honey said...

The finishing touches are lovely!

The wee piggie is going to be fun

Janet said...

Both are very nice! You are both very creative..

Karol-Ann said...

A perfect finish to your winter scene!
Love that pig!

blackbearcabin said...

The weekend off eh.......what fun! any big plans?
as for your little snow is totally cute!!!! i love your little extras, nice touch indeed!
happy weekend!

Jeanne said...
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Jeanne said...

Your wintery embellishments are wonderful. I LOVE the snowdrift you created with the bottom trim.
Jeanne :)