Sunday, 5 October 2008

Some Quilting and a Fashion statement.

First to the quilting. I got stuck in today and quilted the centre panel of my Fan Quilt, I still haven't come up with a name for this one. You can't see it here but each block is individually quilted with my own variant of the Baptist Fan.

I've stuck with the 'all the same but different' theme and given each one very similar treatment. I then went on to zig zag in the sashing. Here's a closer peep, from the back, cause you can hardly see it on the pic from the front.

I'm really really pleased with myself. There is one little tuck on the back, right on the last one I did! Typical. I haven't undone it, I thought it best to leave well alone as the rest is lovely.
Here's the fashion statement! I've had these slippers a few years now and they really are the best thing when quilting, or any sewing on the machine really, so easy just to slip one off and on again, and not too uneven if you forget and make it all the way to the ironing board.

The kids are highly amused by it all and finally got me to stand still for a photo op!
I have all four parts of the next round ready to be layered and quilted. Though only enough batting for two. Hurry up Mr Postman.

I thought you might like a look at the lovely fabrics I'm using. If you click on the images they should enlarge a little. The centres are all the same fabric something from my stash, I think it was in one of those bundles we mistakenly buy when first building a stash. All of the aqua fabrics are from my scrap/stash builders club except the first and last fan blade, that fabric was sent to me by my penpal Maxine. (Waving to you) I love it and have over a fat eighth left.
This next fan is a real mixture. The first and last blade, the violets are from Moya, we swapped. The second blade is from the stash club, the third was a pair of trousers a colleague gave me to chop up and most of it went into DDs Twisted Strips Quilt. The forth blade is one I purchased cause there was no green in my stash. I like that these pieces have personal touches and hold memories for me.
Next up. Blade one was from the mistake bundle, but oh so pretty I used some of it in the quilt I made for Maxine. Blade two; left overs from the Log Cabin quilt I made for mum. Blade three, going Cheep cheep cheep in the sin bin at the sewing shop, there was about a fat eighth in three raggedy pieces, I just had to have it, although it looks very dark here it is perfect in real life. Blade four was another piece from Moya, so dainty and sweet.

The forth and for now final fan is made up from another mixture. Blade one is from a very pink quilt I made for a friends baby. Blade two was auditioned and rejected as a back for mums quilt, blade three is from Maxine and I have an adorable little wall hanging she made for me which has this as the border. Cool.  Blade five is from my stash club.

I'm sure the ladies who made the original fans could also tell stories about where each of their fabrics came from too. When I first ventured into quilting and I read on blogs about huge fabric collections and even larger collections of scraps I would never have believed that I could so soon come to the point where I could use so many different fabrics in one quilt. Thank you ladies for your encouragement and advice, I love being here with you. I also enjoyed going back and finding the previous posts and reading your encouraging words. Thank you.
Does anyone want to swap scraps?I've a long way to go with this one.

I've had a few ideas for Christmas come to light today. DD has a laptop and now that the days are colder she is more sociable and spends more time in the living room, cause the oven is on or the heater and it's warmer! Well, my laptop has a mat to sit on, I may make one for hers too. The table has been battered by the boys and I'm sure my pins and scissors have done their share of damage too, but I still like to use mats. I may try to get a bit clever and creative who knows? While my mind was walking down that lane I also thought about Christmas decor, I have the one runner which I made last year, but I feel some place mats coming on too! I ordered a pack of Christmas charms while I was about getting myself some batting and the white on white.I also have some Christmas fabrics stashed away in the drawers, last years forgotten plans. LOL Just keep your fingers crossed and hope for me that things don't all turn to custard again! I'm hoping that all the planning and activity means that things are on the up.
1) The email that says my package is on the way!
2) Peace and quiet.
3) A nice glass of Shiraz. (From Down under of course!)


Miss 376 said...

I loved reading about all your fabric pieces. I am really enjoying watching this quilt come together.

Lorraine said...

Oh I hope your Shiraz is from the to keep the local economy going! I don't drink wine so will have to rely on others to keep us all afloat here!! Love what you have done on your fan quilt!! well done.....I think Melly & Me have a pattern - I think it is called Out and About.....for a cool laptop bag - might be nice to go with the mat for DD's laptop!

Stephanie said...

Your fan quilt is coming along beautifully. I really like the "half round" dresden fan...not sure it's official name. Great slippers. I also sew one slipper on one slipper off! The best way really.

black bear cabin said...

Nice to see you creating away! i loved your comment about first time purchased fabrics...some of the "stuff" i bought years ago i wonder what was i thinking :) hehehehe
those fans built from your stash are beautiful!

Ali Honey said...

Of Course!

Lovely fan making in progress there. Fans with a story.

Welcome to ... Lurline's Place said...

Shhhh! Mustn't tell anyone about little tucks - only you know, so keep it a secret!
Enjoy your wine from some of the best winemakers in the world!
Hugs - Lurline.

Gina E. said...

These fan designs are fabulous! I have a stash of Japanese fabrics which I plan to use making a fan design block, and seeing your has made me itch to get going on one of my own! Where did you find the pattern for the design, Loulee? Or did you just make it up as you went along?

Karen said...

I wouldn't have undone the little tuck either. It just happens sometimes.

Lynda said...

All your fans are looking great,and if you've only one little tuck on the back of your quilt, you've done a good job!

Karen said...

I do like your fashion statement slipper! I used to wear similar ones when we lived in a colder climate. They can be toasty warm.