Tuesday, 6 November 2007

It's finished.

All done! I managed to get the binding on and closed before I went to work yesterday. Here it is, not the greatest pic, (the sun was pouring in through the window 20 mins ago), but enough to see that it's complete and wearing my usual scrappy style binding.

Anne, I have used a marking pencil in the past, trouble is I'm too impatient to test things, I want to buy them and use them NOW!! LOL There is still pencil lines on my Dresden plate quilt because I didn't test first, just got stuck in!

Thanks to Jeanne and Rose Marie for your offers of Sunflower fabrics, I'll pass them on to my sister, though knowing her she'll have found something already, she has a knack of sniffing out just what she wants.

Whats next for me? I have a cross stitch which has not seen light of day since August, I have some Katies choice blocks cut, waiting to be pieced and I could always stitch my scrappy block of the month, I have two of those waiting now. The truth is I have plenty of things I could be sauntering on with while I plan what to concentrate on next.

On that note,
There was something in Septembers Popular Patchwork..................................

Have a good day all,


Ribbonwiz said...

Looks great Loulee.
I love scrappy quilts, they can suit everyones tastes and not worry about them being too girlie for a guy either..
Thank you for the comment on my blog..

blackbearcabin said...

i love the colors in this quilt...very pretty! hurrah for finishing another quilt! isnt it a great feeling! :)
have fun jumping in to another project!

Rose Marie said...

Don't despair, those pencils marks will disappear. Your comment prompted me to look at a log cabin quilt that I made back in 1998 and the very heavy pencil marks didn't wash out then (I was very heavy handed back then and didn't know any better). After a number of washings, to my surprise the pencil marks are almost gone. Love your new scrappy quilt! How many quilts have you now made and you only started quilting .... bravo!