Monday, 10 November 2008

Beautiful Batiks.

As I said last time, when I got home from Ireland there was a beautiful package waiting for me.
Lynda from Master of Patience? had promised and indeed sent some of her batik off cuts, many of these have more than one piece or are big enough to get two or three squares for my cathedral windows. Thank you Lynda, they are beautiful.
Yesterday I had a day out with my sister Moya, we headed to our favorite shop here on the island and while Moya spent rather more than she expected, I was well behaved, purchasing only these two batik fat quarters.
We also called into the local newsagents after lunch with sister Kirsty (The one between Moya and I in age), where I found the latest Fons and Porter Easy Quilts magazine. So I'll have plenty to occupy me this afternoon.
This morning we all went to the war memorial and took part in the annual service of Remembrance for those who have fallen in conflict and war.

Once again I was surrounded by people of all ages, it's nice to see children there. I shall never forget that some people continue to give their lives, long after the so called great wars have ended.
1) Coming home to a warm house.
2) Help to cook brunch
3) The generosity of others.


sewkalico said...

Oh so yummy fabrics!

quiltmom said...

HI Loulee,
I love your batiks- well let me say that in a different way- I love batiks - My friend and I went out to a shop on the eastern side of the city yesterday and found many batiks - it was a bit of a splurge but well worth the money spent- I was able to buy two pieces that are large enough for backing for a queen sized quilt. It was about 6 Canadian dollars a meter( a very good price here)or about 3.3 pounds stirling.
They are also really nice quality as they were from a quilt store-
We won't go there for awhile as it is so easy to spend money there -we always find really nice fabrics in their clearance section.
It sounds like you had a great time with your sister.
My husband and I are off to the science center this afternoon to see an IMAX movie ( very large screen) on the Grand Canyon.

Rowyn said...

Beautiful fabrics.

Shame you didn't enjoy Dublin. I was there in 2006, and it wasn't my most enjoyable trip either. I would go again though, but I much prefer Northern Ireland.

I think some of the big cities in the UK and Ireland can seem a little grim when you are not used to them.

Miss 376 said...

ooh what lovely fabric

quiltygal said...

are you only using batiks in your cathederal window ? or mixing it up with others? I must say that I haven't got caught up in the batik thing but then I also dont go for hand dyed either I'll have a look in my stash 'cos I think a friend gave me some batiks a while ago in a pile of off cuts if I still have them I'll send them to you....
have a good week

black bear cabin said...

beautiful...cant wait to see them blossom in your quilt!

Lynda said...

Glad you liked the fabrics. At least they'll add a few different fabrics for the windows. I'm making another batik quilt for DD soon, this time in reds, so I'll see if there are offcuts from this!