Sunday, 30 November 2008

Blury pictures.

In true Loulee fashion, I've uploaded these in the wrong order!
First up a fake cushion front! This was a pattern idea in Popular Patchwork magazine and I love it.
I could have done with making it a little larger, but what the heck, I still love it. Well, them, cause I made two yesterday.
You simply tie the flat piece around your everyday cushions, no need for zips or Velcro and easily removed when it's time for the decorations to go away.

As you can see, I finally got around to using Janet's fabric, and the design is raw edge applique with a zigzag machine stitch. The leaf stems are quilted and a single line of echo quilting as well as my usual vicinity of the ditch, finished it off nicely.

I also made this yesterday! This is just a small piece also from an issue of Popular patchwork magazine. Raw edge applique again and some of that missing the ditch stuff! LOL

I'll use this as a little mat for the table through in the sitting room. After I close up the binding that is. I also still have to finish the binding on 3 of mums robin mats.
Not sure where I'll be going next, I still need to finish the Skinny Santa and the fan quilt. I like the sound of the Red Delicious BOM and may just have to gather the patterns as they are released. I'm also looking at starting on the Cathedral window quilt, it's nice to have some hand work that doesn't require a magnifying glass.

1) An easy dinner tonight. (Veggie Broth)
2) Coming home to a cosy apartment.
3)A cup of tea that Hunney made.


Miss 376 said...

What a great idea for temporary covers. Waiting in anticipation of what is next

Ginnie said...

Lovely idea for your cushion covers.

Torina said...

Those pillow covers are fabulous! What a handy idea!

Ali Honey said...

You are doing so well. Great ideas there. Little projects are really encouraging to work on - I think it is the quick gratification!

sewkalico said...

Very festive!!

anne bebbington said...

That fake cushion cover is a brilliant idea - and you've made such a super job of it - your 'missing the ditch' description made me laugh out loud - hits the nail on the head!!!