Thursday, 27 November 2008

Don't judge a book....

By it's cover.
This boring reddish diary was transformed yesterday..

Into this beautiful butterfly covered tome.

I love this fabric and may just have to find some more of it.
While I was in book binding mode I also made a cover for DS Joe's ring binder.

This is not quite finished, I want to slip stitch the folds closed. I'll stash it away and it will do as a part of his birthday box in a couple of weeks. The fabric is some that was left over from his dragon quilt.
Who would believe you could do so much with off cuts of wadding? While I was having a sort out the other day I found all these bits and pieces, so they were patched together for use in my diary and Joe's file.
There is plenty left so I'll be using those as wadding for Mums Christmas place mats. She got wind of my plans and has approved, so now I'll have to go from thinking about it, to actually doing it! LOL I took a bit of time off my office job today to go and find some fabric for them. I found robins! Pictures soon.
1) Lunch, on the boss!
2) New fabrics to play with.
3) Two days off!!


Tanja said...

You are so creative, I love reading your blog!


Ali Honey said...

Oh Yes, that's lovely. I love making small projects like these too and using up the smaller pieces of batting. You will be able to find your diary at a glance now.
Enjoy your stitching.
Hugs from Ali.

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely idea- a great gift idea

anne bebbington said...

Love that butterfly fabric - I keep meaning to cover my boring work diary and that's all I do - mean to!

Rose Marie said...

I never throw out pieces of wadding .... those strips can be joined together to make a piece large enough for a wall hanging .... heavens, I've done that a few times now just to get rid of my bits and pieces. That is a great idea for a journal cover.