Saturday, 22 November 2008

Skinny Santa.

He is rather skinny, but not quite as bad as he looks here, this is only one half of his skinnyness!
I didn't get quite as much sewing time as I would have liked on Thursday, so nothing was done to Santa until last night when I spent a couple of hours up in the study with my Hunney.
It was a breeze, just filling in the red of his coat, no counting at all, just stitching to and fro, and to and fro. My mind got to wandering and ended up at the many kindnesses shown to me this week, more of that in a moment.
I do hope I get Santa finished in time, he's meant to be a gift.
Speaking of gifts, the Christmas tree did get completed on Thursday and last night it was packaged up with one or two other items and will be on its way just as soon as I'm done here.

It's a dry, bright if freezing cold day, so I'm off to the post office while Hunney does some overtime at work, I may even shop my way home. retail therapy is almost as good as stitchy therapy.

Speaking of therapy...25 people left 41 supportive comments following my posts at the beginning of the week. Thank you all. I was amazed at the response and I do very much appreciate it, your kindness wrapped itself around me, like those virtual hugs so many of you sent. I'm not sure if I've turned a corner here, or if your support has made the world brighter, but this week has been very much easier. I love you all, thank you.

1) 25 people
2) 41 comments
3) Hunney of course!


Tazzie said...

And you are loved too hon.
*big hugs*

Miss 376 said...

The world always seems a better place when you know you are loved and appreciated.
Have a great weekend. Jane xx

Ali Honey said...

I'm so glad we all helped. Keep smiling can do it....change will happen.

Jeanne said...

Sharing helps lighten the load :)
I can't wait to see how that Santa develops -- I can't quite picture him yet.

sewkalico said...

Blog therapy, retail therapy... whatever works!!

Feed that poor red man, he's got presents to deliver LOL