Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Stitchy content!

Here I am as promised, with pictures of some stitching. On Sunday morning I got the urge to get some place mats made. I've used a set of Christmas charms and a few slices of a Christmas stash pack I got from somewhere. The charms are of course 5 inches square and the stash pack was 10. So that worked nicely.
I've done 6 place mats, each backed with a 10 inch square

And a larger mat using four of the larger squares and backed with a fat quarter I would never have used otherwise. Then at Hunneys insistence I bound everything in red. I was auditioning gold also, but Hunney wanted red. It looks right to me. Oh! the quilting? Is a very simple stitch in the vicinity of the ditch! LOL

They were so quick and easy to make, all seven done by bedtime, that I may just make another set for mum.
For those interested in cross stitch, Santa is still skinny, but at least he has his beard, head and hat!

That black blob, just at the tip of his beard is the button on his coat, I'd say he is about half way done now.
I have to scoot out to the post office again today, call in somewhere and pay the balance off Hunneys big prezzie and buy a new kettle, ours has given up! So not sure how much sewing time I'll get. I want to make a cover for my new work diary, why are they always so boring? Plain burgundy this year, not for long though! LOL DS Joe wants me to cover a file for him too, I have some of his dragon fabric left. I may do those today.

1) A dry day
2) A morning off work.
3) The first cuppa of the day.


quiltygal said...

what a great idea for using up material >>..ummmmm another thing on the to do list !! I have had a big sort out here....I think I am addicted.......I want to post about it but am too ashamed!! maybe tomorrow....its not a pretty sight well pretty material yes but the amount yipes.....
Glad you have had a good week your counseller will soon realise that the good wishes of quilters is priceless we can move mountains..:)

Stephanie said...

Nice table mats. Love "stitch in the vicinity" of the ditch!

Miss 376 said...

Love the placemats. I like the way they are quick to make too

Ginnie said...

Lovely placemats and the Santa stitching is coming along very well.

Jeanne said...

Fun mats -- aren't those quickie projects great?
Aha -- now I can see how Santa will look :)

sewkalico said...

Very festive! Well done!