Wednesday, 11 February 2009

5 Minutes!!

Phew! I finally have 5 minutes to myself. It's been a busy weekend, with lots happening besides work! I did have a little time on Sunday morning and used it wisely.
I found this lovely piece of fleece on Etsy and was hoping I could used it for my blue and white wintry quilt, but I got all carried away and have made the top far too big. LOL Never mind, it's a lovely piece of fleece and I will use it up for something else.
Speaking of my wintry quilt, here's what I did on Sunday morning! I had all the white and check fabric cut ready to piece some shashing and corner stones, so it really didn't take long to put them together into their rows.
If I get a little more me time over the next few days I'll make a start on putting the rows together and giving some serious thought to my borders.
Now don't be silly, you know planning in advance just doesn't happen here. I do however have quite a bit of all of the fabrics left, so it just remains to plan how I want the borders to look. Then I have to find something to back it with. I already have my recycled pop bottles for batting!
Do you see my project boxes for some of my BOMs there on the table? I haven't even had much time for stitching this weekend.
1) I finished a very difficult letter.
2) A day in the office tomorrow.
3) Hot pot for tea, and I already got it into the oven.


Miss 376 said...

The top is coming together nicely, shame about the fleece as it is gorgeous

jannimary said...

The quilt is looking good. I'm enjoying seeing it come together. Now you'll have us intrigued with your border planning.

Sarah Nopp said...

That winter quilt is looking very nice. I think I need to look through your posts and see what you have made... I need to make at least 3 baby quilts and I keep thinking about the fun things you have come up with, especially for one certain child-to-be.

black bear cabin said...

that fleece is really pretty...too bad it wont work with the top you had in mind...though im sure you will find something for it to go with :) Love those winter blues!

Marlene said...

Your winter quilt is going to be lovely with those pretty blues and sparkly snow flakes. I agree, the fleece would have been perfect.