Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bouncy Trouncy!

Well I'm a happy cat today, had a great nights sleep after a lazy evening in front of the TV! Something I don't often do these days. I didn't even have a stitchery in my paws, just me and the TV. I done my house work, been up the street and done my chores and now my time is my own until I have to go to work. An early start there today as I have to be in for a management meeting at 2pm, rather than the usual 3pm start.
I've been playing with my pinwheels again, I went through my fabric drawers and pulled out several possibilities, most of which went straight back in!! Before the pinwheels got anywhere near close to them. The only pale blue I have was among them! No way Jose!
I was left with 4, one of them a red as someone suggested red corner stones. They do look striking when I add them to my Quilt Wizard Plan, but I want to try to keep this one looking cold. I didn't re size these images so click on them for a closer look.
I may use some of the check as corner stones with white sashing, or maybe white corner stones and check sashing. If I want to keep it cold, Navy blue won't work.
This is not a good photo, the navy blue is much darker in real life, almost as dark as the pinwheel blades. I'm going to resort to a coin toss to sort this one out! Then I'm going to do some cutting and possibly get a few sashing strips in place before it's time for work.
It's amazing looking around blogland at the moment, the Aussies and Kiwis are having exceptionally hot summer weather while we up North seem to be having an exceptional winter. Parts of GB are having very deep snow. As for my little island, we're having a cold dry winter, the snow that is affecting parts of GB seem to be missing us. We're less than 30 miles from England but the snow has only fallen on the highest ground and is not really causing us that much bother. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, Cold and dry is just fine with me, some snow would be ok too. Usually we get rain! Sideways rain! Ugh, long cold dark wet winters are awful. This years dry bright winter is really a pleasant change, and makes the few days of gales and torrential downpours much easier to live with.
Where ever you are, I hope you get some respite from your extremes of weather and stay comfortable.
Right, where's my cutting mat and ruler?
1) A great sleep.
2) Time to play.
3) Great music. (Split Enz)


Miss 376 said...

What a difference a good night makes! I much prefer the dry and cold, even the boys are getting over the novelty of proper snow

Lorraine said...

A good sleep always makes the next day look brighter! I have been enjoying a look around blogland this morning...didn't sleep well - too hot.....and we are heading for another scorcher today...hopefully the cool change that is supposed to arrive today comes soon!!! Total fire bans all over the state today - praying there are no fires - everything is parched after two weeks of extreme heat...hoping to get some stitching done today but if I don't it is nice to wander around blogland and see what everyone else is doing!

Ali Honey said...

I'm glad about the sleep!

I'm not going to be any help with your othere decision cause I like the RED!

jannimary said...

Glad you had a good night's sleep. Nothing worse than not sleeping. I'm looking forward to your final sashing decision.