Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dragon Skin.

It's been s busy few days. But I did manage to play with my needles. They have been flying, at every opportunity I had. I completed the back panel for my jacket and just so he isn't still waiting when the summer finally arrives, I made a start on DS Joes Dragon Skin Scarf last night.
I found the pattern here at THIS blog. I haven't used the recommended yarn, I let Joe loose in the shop and he came up with a ball of King Coles Mirage. The colour is spot on, a variegated green. (Not that you can see that clearly in this photo!) I'm not so sure the pattern is right for a young man though, and it's a very narrow scarf. I can't help thinking maybe I should add a few more stitches and make it three scales wide rather than two. I'll let him have a look, he can decide for himself. If he decides it's not for him, maybe I'll try the same pattern in a chunkier yarn, he might prefer that. You know, Hunney says I spoil him, I don't, do I?
Things have been really, really busy at work, with my first big 'training fest'. The regional training manager arrived here on the island this morning for a 3 day marathon of training sessions. All organised and set up by yours truly. At the close of business on day one, everything is tickety boo! My manager tells me he had no doubts that it would all come off, but I was not so sure. I'll pat myself on the back when she is on her way home on Thursday night.
1) Sons to spoil.
2) Things to take my mind off work.
3) The six Ps.


Miss 376 said...

A beautiful pattern and a lovely colour. Sons are there to be spoilt!

Ali Honey said...

I like that pattern- and have saved the site just in case I decide to knit a scarf in the Winter.