Friday, 20 February 2009

More Dragon Skin.

It's been an incredibly busy week here. I haven't had much of a chance to get to my needles, of any kind. But today is a day off, so maybe I will get a chance later. First I need to scoot to the post office, collect hunneys ties from the dry cleaners and pay a visit to the crafty shop.
Although I didn't have time to do much to it, the more I do of this dragon skin scarf, the more I feel that it is too feminine for a young man. Joe loves it, he says it's great, but I think that if I knit up the same pattern in a chunkier yarn he may decide I'm right and go for the heavier version.
This version is just barely 4 inches wide though aptly named, especially done in the green which Joe chose. I hope to find another chunky green while in town today, hopefully I'll get enough done before he gets home so that he can get a proper taste of a chunkier version.
Yesterday I was in Onchan, I had to take my training manager through for a meeting, (We rode there on the bus and she thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the scenery) the stitchy shop I visit there has wools and yarns, I did consider popping in but while I think Susan may have gone for it, I don't think the other boss would have! He's not into crafts or shopping!
My 'training fest' went well with the only absentees being two people who had booked annual leave. I got lots of positive feedback from both of my managers and the meeting we had yesterday was helpful and informative. I have to produce a training plan for the next financial year. I've already started, but Susan has given me so much help and guidance I'll easily be able to finish it now. It was good to have her here and especially to be able to spend some social time with her.
Our rowing machine has arrived, I've had a couple of goes on it, I decided to take it easy and go gently to start with, as you should. Hunney on the other hand wound it up to full and hopped on for 30 minutes, now he's paying for it! His legs and his tummy are sore, they have been for two days! It's very difficult not saying 'I told you so', but I did, I told him he would pay for it if he overdid his first effort! Speaking of the rowing machine, that's where I'll be fr the next 20 minutes.
1) Positive feedback.
2) A day off.
3) That first cuppa of the day feeling.


Miss 376 said...

Hope you enjoy your day off and find the yarn you're looking for

jannimary said...

Congratulations on successfully completing your week of training. I bet you will sleep better now! While I was in the supermarket this evening I saw a strange fruit - it was "Dragonfruit" - green with scales with a red tip and I thought of your son. I don't know what they taste like or what you do with them. If there are some there next week I'll take a photo.

Stephanie said...

The scarf is beautiful and I just love the green. All greens are beautiful and that is a gorgeous shade.

sewkalico said...

I think that's a groovy scarf!