Thursday, 5 February 2009

Of boys and dragons.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had been busy on DS Joes behalf. He asked for a pencil case and was delighted when I suggested using some of the dragon fabric, I also dug out some hot fiery red. Well he thinks it is anyway.

It's big enough to hold all his pens, pencils and rulers for school, though he'll have to be careful for a while, that snap fastener is strong and he risks damaging my work. It was a very quick and easy project completed in under an hour. He's now planning ways to use up more of the dragon fabric. Yes, there is still a little left.
The program I use when playing about with quilt designs and experimenting with colours does not allow me to save the images in any format that is usable elsewhere. But yesterday I had the bright idea of taking photos!

Not ideal I know, and yes I got bored with the cropping and general tidying up of the images after the very first image, but it gives you a better idea of what I'm blathering on about.
I'm definitely leaning toward a pale sashing here, but whether to go for blue or white? I still am undecided.
Any Suggestions?
I had a pain of a day in the office today, I was booted off the computer and didn't manage to finish my own work but somehow ended up doing somebody elses. I should have left an hour early, in order to reclaim time owed after working late last week, note i say 'SHOULD HAVE' . I'm not such a happy soul today.
1) Brighter mornings and evenings.
2) A girls night out, last night.
3) Two patient and understanding bosses.


Miss 376 said...

I'm thinking light blue, but the colours can change on here. That's a pencil case to be proud of

Lorraine said...

I went to a seminar some time ago and one of the speakers had a message for us to take away......"I will not should on myself today"......I try to live by that but it's not always easy...I was always saying "I should" do something....and making myself feel bad if I didn't....I should finisht that tonight before I go home...well you know how it is....I often didn't take a lunch break at work because "I should get this finished this morning"....not I take time out for me...and always take a break at lunchtime for my own sanity..sometimes the more you do the more is I do try not to "should" on myslef anymore......I try!

Torina said...

LOVE that pencil case! Very cool fabric.

As for the quilt, I think the dark blue for the borders makes a nice bold statement. I really like it the best :)

sewkalico said...

Great pencilcase.
I was going to say, but notice someone else already has that I really like the dark blue borders. I like how it makes the pinwheels float.

Janet said...

Nicely done Loulee!

BTW you can do a screen capture..and paste the image in a paint program..if you have one!

Lynda said...

The blocks have more contrast in actuality than on the programme, so I think the pale blue is best - although it's a hard decision as they all look good.