Sunday, 22 February 2009

Stop apologising.

Why is everybody apologising for preferring the original dragon skin? You are allowed to you know. I just happen to think it's a bit too lady like for my boy. I'm going to keep going slowly with the original and as someone suggested, why stop at one? I had considered making others in other colours. For the right reasons of course.
Here's the reason for the debate, I think at 13 he's going to be ribbed for wearing a hand knit anyway, so the least I can do is make it as blokey as possible.
Incidentally, the contents of that box are the stem ginger cookies he made for his Nana's birthday. He's busy plotting what he can make both of us for Mothers day (Which in GB is in just a few weeks time) and he seems to be fixated on my birthday which is not for ages! Plenty of time to plot for that.
A little late I know, but I thought I'd show off my Valentines flowers, if these look familiar to anyone, that's because Hunney does the same thing every year, Valentines and birthdays. Roses and smelly lilies. And that's how he actually asks for them in the florist too! Smelly Lilies! Anyway, here are my beauties one week on and still looking beautiful. In recent years I've pulled the anthers off the lilies as they make such a mess if the pollen gets onto the carpet or my clothes. It still looks a little odd, but better that than orange stains!

The card peeping out on the right there is the one I made for Hunney. A little stitched heart, popped into an aperture care, simple and sweet. I've always made Hunney a handmade Christmas card and try to do a handmade Valentine too. He admits he would be disappointed if I didn't. Hmm, I'd better keep it up then.
I'm up very early this morning, I just couldn't get back to sleep. I had quite a restless night, not sure why, nothing was on my mind, I just kept waking up. Never mind, it gives me a couple of hours to myself before the rest of the house wakes up, I'll get on with some knitting, the boys eyes will pop when he sees his scarf, he loves how fast this chunky one grows.
1) Early morning peace.
2) A day off with my family
3) Joe will make pancakes later.


Lurline said...

Loulee - my goodness, Darling - you have the most beautiful family - please soak up the love and joy that surrounds you! What a beautiful boy and hubby! You know me I am very Girlie - I just preferred the one on the right - not because it is blokey - just loved the texture!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Miss 376 said...

That is the joy of chunky wool. HIs biscuits look delicious, I imagine they smell gorgeous too

Jeanne said...

My younger son Dave always liked to bake and cook, too. Now that he's a grown-up, he's a better cook than I am :)