Thursday, 14 May 2009

And for my next trick.

The weather today has turned to yuck! Gone is the beautiful sunshine of the weekend.
It was nice to ease back into work with a day at the office yesterday followed by a late shift today. That means of course that I have time to play this morning, though after the few days I just had I also need to spend a lot of time with the rowing machine!
So whats in store? A colleague of mine was having a turf out and thought I might like some of her knitting failures. There were one or two items which went straight into the charity shop, complete with needles, pattern the lot! Others no longer had a pattern and, well I just unravelled them and put the yarn into the charity bag. There is still a bag full to sort out, I'll do that another day.
This one caught my eye though. I'll make this one up, I happen to know of a young man who just might like this, his mum will too!
The pattern was in the bag along with the Merino, and yesterday I popped up to the crafty shop in my lunch hour and grabbed that ball of Funky Fur for a collar.
That ball there, bottom right hand side!
I've also pulled one of the BOM projects back out. I choose Christmas Wishes because, well just because.
I plan today to make up all the published blocks, then I can stitch then at my leisure. I'll need to dig out some green Christmas fabric though. I'm sure I have some.
Thanks to Chookyblue and her post asking if we use a quarter inch foot, I finally got around to buying one, I've been eyeballing my seams up to now! So I'll have a play with that while I put my blocks together this morning. Do you have a quarter inch foot? Do you use it?
I'm blogging my way through valuable sewing time, besides the washing machine has finished, til next time......
1) Time to play.
2) Generous friends.
3) Time spent with Hunney.


jannimary said...

The little jacket should be a quick and fun project.

Yes, I have a quarter inch foot and use it all the time (well, whenever I'm doing a quarter inch seam, anyway). I did find it wasn't exactly a quarter inch, so just fiddled with the needle position until the setting was perfect. I wouldn't be without it.

Miss 376 said...

That's a lovely little jacket

GARI said...

Yes, I use a quarter inch foot, that way my seams are the same size on all blocks, or at least very close.

Gina E. said...

Hi Loulee, it's a small world! One of my friends is doing that BOM! She is really enjoying it too. If you want to see her progress, she is here:

quiltmom said...

HI Loulee,
I love my quarter inch foot- I use it all the time when I am piecing- it just makes it so much easier to be accurate( or close to it).
I am sure you will love it too.
Happy weekend!