Monday, 11 May 2009

A life post.

Well I did precisely no sewing yesterday! I had forgotten that the F1GP was on, and when I realised, I parked myself in front of the TV to watch. I finished the first sleeve of Joes sweater and made great in roads on the second! And it was a fantastic race. Way to go Jensen!!
I've had this photo in store to show you for some time, but he keeps getting over looked. My DD bought me this grass hopper last year, I think he is meant to be a door stop, he's pretty heavy. Is it just me or does he look drunk? LOL
What ever, he's cute, thanks Kay.
Hunney and I had a night out last night. I was adamant I wasn't going to cook, nor was I going to settle for take a way. We went to a Chinese banquet and then off down the quay side to a couple of pubs. To start with I had to practically drag the man, but as the evening went on he relaxed and enjoyed himself. He was especially pleased to bump into a friend and made a new one in the shape of another ex naval man.
Today is the day I said I had plans for. Hunney has the day off work so we're off out, after I have been to court that is! Finally after nine years and countless starts and stops I hope to be fully rid of my ex! Not some weird Manx law, just a long drawn out process. Seven years ago, when we first got together I assured Hunney that because I had been separated for two years, my divorce was just a formality! My ex had other ideas!
I remember hearing phrases such as Life begins at forty, or it's been a good year, and wondering what they could mean, surely a year is just a year, it has it's ups and downs? Forty is just a number, an age we reach and pass. Surely it's the middle of life, not the beginning? Now as I approach forty, I finally understand. These last few years my life has gotten better and better, I'm in a good place just now, yeah, I had to go through some s**t to get here, but this is a good year, yes it's had it's downs and there may be more, but the ups are huge, and there will be more of them. For me life is beginning, my children are growing up, my youngest will be fourteen and is becoming a confident and independent young man. I have a social life, a career and plans for the way ahead and a good man beside me every step of the way.
1) Early morning peace and quiet.
2) A good time with my Hunney
3) Good days.


Miss 376 said...

Have a great day out and celebrate your freedom

Ann J said...

Good for you Loulee!! Lovely to hear you sounding soooo positive !
There is a (better) life after ditching the 'ex' - take my word for it !!!......Luv AJ

Andrea said...

Good for you - sounds like it calls for another special night out. Will you ever get any quilting done with all this celebrating - lol !

GARI said...

Go, you!! Go to court, get rid of him and give your Hunney a big hug. What a wonderful time for you.

Lindsay said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly with on the race!

Love the grasshopper and yes he does look like he's had one to many