Friday, 29 May 2009


Yesterday was a wild day at work, I was in just before 8.00 as always and things plodded along much as they usually do, until 08.30 and then it started, I barely saw my colleague for the rest of my shift, we didn't even get a chance for a break. Phew, what a day, I was so glad it was my short shift and I was supposed to finish at 2pm, note I say supposed, I was still there at 2.30, but was sat in the office in an impromptu meeting, which turned out quite beneficial. Did I mention we didn't even get a lunch break? I finally got a sandwich at 3pm.
I'm working a late shift today, so I don't start until 3pm, which means I'll hopefully get time in the office to do some much needed paperwork. It tends to be much quieter on the late shifts.
So yesterday I did very little on the needles front, I did allow myself a little time after I had done some of my homework. Peace is on the way, I should be finished with this one just in time for Gail to release the next block.
Homework? Remember that course I went on last week? It was part one of 6? Well I think I mentioned that I brought home half a tree to read. I spent what was left of my afternoon and the evening reading through all that paper and completing the exercises. Now I have to write a short essay. Some of the folks on the course were a little alarmed at that, but a 300 - 500 word essay is no problem. I used to write thousands of words for university, so 300- 500 is nothing. Though I may have problems squeezing it all in! LOL I'll be on that red eye flight again in two and a half weeks! I'll hand in my home work, discuss my findings, do the next tutor module and receive another tree and more homework! All this is going to make me a better manager. So they say.
The knitting is coming along, I've completed the back panel, doesn't it look long and thin? It's curled under at the edges a little but still looks long. The front is in two panels and that's the first of them there just getting going. There is a pretty cable loop in the front panels, that will be nice to knit up after the fairly straight and boring back.

I may snatch a few moments later to do something with the needles, but as usual there is stuff I must do first, like a trip to the post office. The laundry is already going around and around! It's not walking weather so I'll be paddling around the sitting room on the rowing machine. I hope I can find a good documentary to watch. I find it helps if I can loose myself in something good on the TV, a documentary or a movie, if I get engrossed in that I'm less likely to get fed up and bored with the rowing and I stay on longer and do more. Exciting movies with fast paced action and music make me row faster, quiet gentler movies keep me plodding along at a slower more sustainable pace, but always so long as it engages me, I'm there working away, burning calories and toning up.


Time then to finish my cup of tea and get on with my day.


1) Automatic washing machines.

2) A hot Cuppa

3) A morning off.

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Lynda said...

Sounds like your work is a bit like mine. Sometimes it's quite steady, and then, just when you think you've got everything under control, something drops out of the sky on top of you! Still, at least they pay us at the end of the month!