Friday, 1 May 2009

To make a short story long....

I ran out of time on Tuesday and stopped at this point of lining my sister in laws basket.
The only thing really that remains to be done is to trim off the excess fabric and hem the outer edge. It's a very simple lining, fitted at the top around the handles and pleated to fit into the bottom.
This colour scheme should fit ok in the house too.
On the knitting front I think I managed a whole two rows! Wow, but I really do need to keep the measuring tape handy as I am very close to the point where I have to start doing more than just knitting to and fro. It hardly seems worth taking pictures as it would only be a longer version of the last image, nothing else has changed.
I found some more beautiful BOMs to stitch and this morning I saved all the parts. I have barely touched the ones I planned to do! Maybe after I get the knitting bug out of my system. Anyway, both of these new projects are at Elefantz, just follow the links in her side bar. I'm still collecting the other BOMs which I started in January, but they are just not shouting loud enough. As I said, maybe once the knitting bug has left me.
The fan quilt is folded up on the shelf in my closet, maybe instead of hiding it I should leave it out someplace, so I can see it. Would that help me to like it again? Hunney still says it should go on the bed for the Summer.
Like everything else, the shabby french roses quilt is neglected in my work basket, I have some of the leaves sewn on, and hope to get back to that today after I get done with the basket. I'll need to put some thought into what I will use as backing for this one, hmm......
The winter pinwheels wait patiently in the drawer, the white fabric for their final round has arrived and is sat on my table, I'm not entirely inspired by Hunneys suggestion of a wide plain white border but I didn't yet come up with a better idea of my own. Maybe it should drape somewhere along with the fans to see if inspiration strikes! LOL
Of course I couldn't go shopping for white fabric and only purchase white fabric. I also treated myself to a black and red five fat quarter collection of Oriental fabrics. Yummy. I have a half baked plan in mind for those.
I've prattled on for long enough and hopefully led one or two people astray with that link to Jennys blog! Now I'm going to get on and sew.
1) Days off work.
2) A girls night out tonight.
3) 176 Days.

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Miss 376 said...

You've done a good job with the linen basket. Hope you have a great night out