Friday, 29 January 2010

Bits and Bobs.

Last summer when I met up with Janice she gifted to me a very pretty little stitching companion. Well you know me, I had to have a go! My own design efforts went into the bin! But eventually I found a tutorial and hey ho! We have success.
Not quite as pretty as the one Janice gave to me, but I love it and have plans to gift it to my penpal Maxine. She's been in a year long sewing slump. :-( I'm hoping than an influx of little goodies from me will help to pick her up a little.
I'll have a look about later and see if I have any small patterns or quick projects that might get her going again, and I'll pop them in the mail with this.
This project however is for Mum, she loves Dolphins, so when a dolphin turned up in Australian Homespun recently I knew I had to have a go. Meet Desmond the Dolphin.
I'm not so sure about those eyes! LOL But I'm never happy with stitched and sewn faces!I did have fun making him, but won't be rushing to repeat the experience.
I have another day off work, this means of course that I have to work the weekend, but hey, I get a whole day off with no one home under my feet, I can potter about and do as I please when I please! First on the agenda, (after blogging!) is to get on the Wii, secondly I have a stack of old shirts awaiting the scissors. I've been collecting them for a while and hadn't realised how big the pile had got, until I had to dig under it for the toy filling! Looks like my scraps box is about to get a big boost. Speaking of my scraps box, I had a plan in mind to make an Irish Chain quilt, all out of scraps, with a little help from some white yardage. So while shopping for that, the plan morphed into forget the scraps, just use a couple of jelly rolls! So they are on the way! I really will have get firm with myself and do something with my scrap collection. Speaking of shopping, I finally tracked down a Mill House Inn fat quarter collection, it's on it's way! Yippie! Still with shopping! About an acre of Dream Green batting turned up the other day, so I could get on with layering and quilting some of these stalled projects that are lying about the place. So much to be getting on with, what's a girl to do? I'll have another cuppa first I think! While I plan a couple more Pot holders.
Have Fun.


Miss 376 said...

It's not much fun to be in a stitching slump, but this looks like the perfect gift to inspire someone to stitch. The dolphin looks fun too

Janice said...

Your version of the needle case looks great. My craft group all made one and it was amazing how beautiful the different versions were. I hope you little goodies help bring back Maxine's sewing mojo.
I'm sure your Mum will be thrilled with her dolphin.