Sunday, 17 January 2010


I have various things happening at the moment, last night for no particular reason I found myself putting together my Christmas Wishes blocks, goodness knows why, I have no batting and no idea what I'll back or bind them with! LOL Then when that ground to a halt I pulled out a kit I bought in Birmingham and set about making the fusible applique pieces, it's now sat by the sewing machine awaiting my attention and just the right thread, which of course I couldn't find last night. I have the remaining three blocks for Verandah Views all prepped and traced, just waiting to be stitched, but Country Calender is the one I keep picking up.
Two more months have been completed, in between my other fiddling, only two remain to be stitched, then I'll have to figure out what to do with all the pieces. One big piece? 6 double sided pieces? 12 small pieces? Keep it? Donate it? Gift it? I'll have to think about that.
I've heard my cross stitch whispering to me of late too. (Scroll down a bit.) I don't think I've touched that in about a year! I've had this idea about pulling it off the big frame and popping it into a hoop, then of an evening I can sit and work a little on that. (Is this before, during or after all the other hand sewing I keep promising myself I'll find time for?) My scraps box is calling to me and dropping all manner of ideas into my dreams and there are many magazines on the shelf each with a particular 'must do' design of their own. There are all manner of BOM and other new free designs popping up all over blogland, so I've plenty to keep me busy, and there's no telling what will pop up here next!
I'm off to play.
Take care.


Miss 376 said...

At least you will never be bored. The hardest thing is deciding what to do next. Like the idea of a double sided quilt, would never have thought of that

Janice said...

Sometimes I think we are spoilt with too much choice. You'll have fun with all your projects.

AnnieO said...

Lots of things to choose from can be just as immobilizing as boredom, can't it? I am struggling to keep my list down to three projects at a time. It's hard! Love your calendar embroidery, so sweet.