Thursday, 14 January 2010


It's still icy cold here. Although it rained the last two days, we're back to sleet and snow now. I must say I really do prefer this cold stuff to the awful warm wet winters we've been having in recent years. I can't abide the rain, I hate arriving at home or worse still at work all soaking wet and cold. Snow is much more civilised. It melts and is gone.
I had an unexpected day off work yesterday, an upset tummy brought me home early on Monday and it continued into Tuesday. I've been in to work today though and had a boring bus ride home, the windows on the bus were so dirty I couldn't see a thing through them! The higher places on the route have turned white again and I did manage to see some cars pretty well covered too.
I didn't feel up to doing much with my day off, I slept for some of it, but later on I got my needle out and stitched up another part of the Country Calendar.
And made a start on another one. I also cut the back ground and traced the last parts of Verandah Views, ready to be stitched as I snuggle up under my quilts in the evenings.
When I got in from work today there was a package waiting for me, treasure. :-)
A couple of weeks ago I ordered some goodies and they were a lovely welcome home. A Mill house inn layer cake and a few yards of some lovely buttery polka dots. There should be a jelly roll along any time soon also. I may use some of this for finishing Verandah Views, what do you think?
Well that's my news, I'm off to hop about on the Wii for a while then do some sewing while I await my husband, he says he'll be late in this evening.
Take care.


Paula said...

Your September block is really cute! I love the green apples. Hope you can stay warm in that crazy cold weather!

Miss 376 said...

Freezing rain caused havoc here this morning so it's taken all day to get hardly anything done. Very frustrating

Janice said...

Those fabrics look scrummy. You'll have those BOMs finished in no time. I'm working on Verandah Views in my lunch breaks.

Kris said...

What a lovely package!

angelstar said...

Loulee, glad to hear that your feeling better. Love your litte package and the sept square looks great.


AnnieO said...

Some fabric and stitchery therapy, just what the doctor ordered!

QuiltSue said...

Your "treasure" looks wonderful.

Sorry you have been feeling unwell. I hope you're OK now?

Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee, love your buttery is supposed to be Summer here .....cold and stormy out....the temp has dropped 25C from last week...Warm Regards Lyn