Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Some Stitchery

After yesterdays day off was wasted with sleep and work! Today's was much more productive and satisfying. I completed two of the country calender blocks after finishing the one I started yesterday.
The fabrics I've used with these blocks are from a jelly roll called Wild Flower Serenade II.
I think I'll be using more of it to sash and border the blocks before quilting. I think I see a tall thin 2 x 6 layout, but that's subject to change! LOL Watch this space.
I'll also definitely be using more of the jelly roll to make the backing and binding, who knows, I may even get fancy!
Before I got on with that I set about this morning making a couple of pot holders. I joined in with the Pot Holder Pass held by Amy.
I surfed into her blog from somewhere and liked the idea. The swap is now closed and we all have our partners and know their likes and dislikes. There is a flickr group here. I stuck to my partners preferences, to the letter. They are very precise, so no pictures just yet. I'll show and tell when the pot holders arrive at their new home. I have to say, I've never made a pot holder before, but figured they couldn't be too much different to making my place mats, so I just got on with it and made some smaller versions of those. 7.5 x 7.5 with a hanger tab! As well as having fun as a part of the swap, I've also got some new ideas for more pot holders and place mats etc.
Life with a Wii is fun and seems to be going well, I've dropped a few CM from my waist, though the scales still Yo yo up and down. Today was down! -3lb. :-) If it would just keep on going that way I would be happier.
I'm off to stitch a little on one of the Verandah Views blocks. I have another jelly roll in store for that BOM!
Take care......


Karen said...

You are moving right along on those calendar blocks. I printed them off but have not stitched a one of them.

Miss 376 said...

Great way to use the jelly roll, going to look good altogether

Lurline said...

Great calendar blocks and your pot-holder project sounds a lot of fun!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Gina said...

Love the calendar blocks

Love and hugs Gina xxx