Saturday, 30 January 2010

Somebody stop me!

I had another great day off yesterday. I got loads done. I did 90 mins on the Wii, then while I was cooling down I tackled that pile of shirts. I got all this.....
and this!
Out of these shirts. There were only six of them, it seemed like so many more when I was pulling them out trying to find my toy stuffing. LOL I know some people like to keep the cuffs and collars for projects, I don't, they are gone.
All that and two loads of laundry was done before lunch time. I was having so much fun I got stuck into my scraps box, where I found a bunch of charm squares which had been put together in giant nine patches at one time, but had been unstitched and tossed in. Perfect. Along with some shirt pieces they made 128 flying Geese units.
Which added to more charms made 32 Eight Pointed Stars.
I finally called it quits at 10 o'clock last night, I snuggled up in bed full of plans for making more stars and trying to decide how to sash them and what colour corner stones to use. So I didn't sleep too well last night and awoke early this morning.
I do believe that yesterday I managed to put more into the scraps box than I removed! But while I was poking about looking for ideas, I did come across another scrappy quilt that I like, so just maybe I'll manage to make an impression before too much longer.
Back to work today.
Take care.


Miss 376 said...

Why is it that all the ideas seem to flow when you are trying to go to sleep

Ali Honey said...

Wow, no wonder you were tired and didn't sleep well...your brain was still going at top speed - happens to me too.
Isn't it amazing how sometimes one gets just loads done. Great effort Lou!

Jenny said...

I just love making scraps out of old clothing and using up old sheets as backing - makes it all worthwhile!

Janice said...

I love what you have done with the old shirts. You have had one VERY busy day.