Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Still Freezing.

Although the rain has arrived here on the island and it has melted most of the low lying snow, (There is still plenty on high ground), it's still freezing. My big front room, where my sewing machine lives is perishingly cold, and my habit of sewing barefoot makes matters worse, so that means that not a great deal has been happening in there. This morning though the urge to do something won out and I got busy.
First I cut backgrounds, then retreated to the warmth of the sitting room to trace patterns.
Then I cut borders and stitched on tops and bottoms, then retreated to the sitting room to press them.
And finally I sewed on side panels, before one final retreat to the sitting room to press again,
and sort out threads, so that I can spend some time curled up on the sofa stitching the second half of Elle's Country Calender.
Don't expect instant results, I have lots of late shifts this week.
Keep warm, cool, dry........what ever you want to be!


Miss 376 said...

Looks good so far. Hope you find somewhere warm to curl up and stitch

Gina said...

I know what you mean about the cold. It has been freezing taking Stan for his walk. Still it's nice and warm in my sewing room as I sit next to the radiator

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Janice said...

That lot should keep you busy for a little while. At least you will be able to stitch in the nice snug sitting room.

black bear cabin said...

at least you got something done...i fell sooooo far behind on Elle's Calendar :( Im new to applique, and got discouraged early...i plan to go back though...especially since i was creating 3 per month so i could have gifts. Maybe if i mix em up a bit, i wont get so bored :) (im easily distracted) stay warm!