Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Still Here.

I'm still here honest, I've been busy, busy, busy. With all the wrong things! Lots of work and life not to mention lots of exercise. But I'm still the same size. :-(.
My Australian Homespun and Patchwork and quilting year books finally arrived yesterday. I do wish they were not so slow but, I love getting them. As always there were a few patterns and ideas that had me going back for a second look..
Remember my Native Species of NZ quilt? It's been lying asleep on a chair back since before Christmas. I did want to get it finished before our party. No such luck. I think I'll quilt in the ditch around those borders and right around the edge. I'd like to quilt in those little black outlines around the individual elements.
I could do that with my machine, but I've also been thinking about doing that part by hand. So, some advice please. What's the best kind of thread, needle etc? And, with or without a hoop? The batting inside is 100% Cotton warm and natural, if that matters.
I finally got around to ordering some more batting, which should be here soon. Maybe the ability to get something else finished will spur me on a bit. I've also done a little more of the Verandah Views stitchery, I'm working away slowly at that one. I enjoyed playing about making the pot holders, so much so that I've been playing about making more. I have a colleague who is hoping to move house very soon, I see a pot holder in her future! LOL
Take care.


Jenny said...

Hi Loulee, I usually hand quilt all of my projects because I prefer the finish. I use a large hoop, which makes it much easier to stitch evenly, and sew with Guterman hand quilting thread which you can buy online from places like Barnyarns. You do need a specialist hand quilting needle which are very short, they are called 'betweens' Happy quilting! PS Love the quilt!!!

Lynda said...

LOve the quilt. I use the same thread but don't use a hoop. It works out fine for me. (Mind you, I prefer to machine quilt, really, so my advice isn't worth much!)

Gina said...

I don't use a hoop because they get on my nerves. As for thread I do use the hand quilting thread but I also use embroidery thread aaswell. One strand of DMC gives a good look or you could use two strands if you wanted a thicker stitch. I tend to use the colour I want rather than a specific thread. Don't go for a thick thread though. The finer the better and don't use too long a piece. I was taught the length you cut should be wrist to elbow. That cuts down on the number of knots and the possibility of breakage.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Janice said...

I'm definitely not the one to give advice on hand quilting, only having done a little, but I'm sure you will enjoy the process. Memories of NZ will surely flood back as you quietly sit stitching your quilt on your lap.

sewkalico said...

My neighbour brought me some small pieces of that fabric from their trip to NZ. I have not done anything with mine yet.. Yours looks great. If you have time, hand quilt it and enjoy the memories of your trip.