Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wii Mii

I thought you might like to see what is taking up some of my sewing time. This is our Wii Mii characters.
We not only have Wii fit, we also have Wii Sports Resort. Here I am beating Tony and 10 pin bowling.
For those who don't know, you get to make yourself a little character who performs your actions on the TV screen. So there you have it, as well as about an hour a day of exercises I'm also playing games! It's almost as good as curling up under a quilt to sew when it comes to keeping warm.
Warm is still a good place to be, the temps here have crept up again, but it's still only 3 degrees and now we have incessant rain. Did I tell you how much I hate rain?
Take care


sewkalico said...

DH treated us (him) to a wii. I have played once. I'm not a big computer games kind of girl, but I do love the concept and the graphics are so cool :-)

Miss 376 said...

We had freezing rain yesterday, caused chaos yesterday morning. Definitely staying in today

Gina said...

Love your characters.
We've got the Wii and it's such great fun. You need to get one of the driving games as they are hysterical.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Janice said...

You may as well play while it is so yucky outside.

Shiree said...

rain is very good for then garden, but too much is definitely not a good thing!

black bear cabin said...

looks like fun...and what a great game to play with your hubby in the evenings! hugs

AnnieO said...

Those Wii characters are amusing...I thought maybe Tony would give himself hair! My daughters did the Wii sports boxing last week and had sore arms afterwards!

We are finally getting some good rain. Most of California has been very very dry for the last four years. Supposed to get 4-8 inches from a series of storms this week, maybe even thunderstorms, which is rare here on the coast.

Stay warm and dry!