Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Still no rest!

I think I must have been very bad at some time in a previous life! I was called into work again on Monday! I wasn't there all day, but it totally threw me and spoiled my day. I couldn't settle to my sewing once I got home, I even tried to cross stitch, but ended up vegging on the sofa.
Yesterday no sewing was done either, but that was for totally different reasons. DD Kay and her boyfriend Richard are moving into their first home together, I went to see the place and help out a little. Between them they have most of the things they'll need, but I did buy them a new kettle and a vase for the flowers I'd bought!
I may get to sit at the sewing machine for an hour this morning before I head for the bus. I'm working from Onchan today, and it will be a short day, I'm owed a few hours of Time Off In Lieu!
Almost as if to make up for the non existent break, I received a new toy on Monday. A very shiny new laptop. So shiny in fact I had to be careful where I stood to take this photo! (I'm still in my PJ's) With a 19 inch monitor, this thing is huge.
There are red bits, and shiny bits and LEDs. LOL for the technically minded, here's the spec......
My old laptop, was 5 years old and had been reformatted a few times, and even though we put windows 7 onto it, was starting to drag it's heels a bit. This one is super fast and I'm still exploring to see what exactly it can do.......
I'm off to play until it's time to catch the bus.


Miss 376 said...

that's the sort of new toy I need, have fun with it

Janice said...

I hope you get some stitching time soon. You'll be having withdrawal symptoms.
Have fun with your new toy. Is his name "Ozzy"?