Monday, 19 April 2010

This and That.

I've got an easy week ahead. With days off on Tuesday and Friday, two late shifts and my office day. That means lots of time at home, for sewing. :-)
Today I haven't done a great deal I must admit. I surfed around the news websits looking for updates on the ash cloud. You don't need me to point them out for you, there are reports everywhere. I was wondering how long a special birthday card would take to reach NZ and how long it would take my pin wheel block to reach Amy in USA. The only planes leaving or arriving on the island are low flying planes with props rather than jet engines, so no mail plane!! I got to wondering how others were getting on, 1000's of people are stranded as British and European airspace is affected. There are reports of the ash falling to earth, infact we have had a very light dusting, I noticed it on the sky/roof lights on Saturday morning. Of course everyone in Iceland must be wondering whats going on under their feet and how long it's going to last. Already here we have started to notice the effects, as well as a lack of mail, there is also a shortage of imported fruit and veg, I'm sure there are other effects too.
So while I was surfing looking for news, up popped outlook with the reminder I set for myself. It's that time of the month when I tasked myself with working for an hour or two on the denim quilt. I'm really not in the mood for sewing circles together, so I cut some scraps of batting and found a charm pack of batiks.....
Here's where I'm up to. Some of the corners are not playing as nicely as I would like, I'm hoping that fiddling as I sew will help out there. Unless any of you have suggestions?
That's all my news and thoughts for today, I'm off to get some lunch, then to pin a few more squares before I head into work.


Janice said...

Your quilt is going to look great. The batiks will work really well. I've been looking forward to seeing this one progress.
The ash is affecting people everywhere. We know of several who had not been able to fly to Europe and have missed connecting with tours and the like. I suppose the inconvenience is worse than planes falling out of the sky. It will be interesting to see how long it drags on for. All the technology we have and Mother Nature still has the final say.

Kris said...

The earth certainly is dictating life at the moment! Even we had an earthquake here in Adelaide. A 3.8 earthquake I think. Very unusual for us. Hope you get some mail soon!

Cardygirl said...

Sounds like a sewing week at your place!

Ali Honey said...

I got an attack of nostalgia when I saw your denim. Make sure you don't leave any tiny gaps where the 4 blocks meet cause they show on the back and make a weak point.I found ruling in all 4 lines of the square( on the inside of each circle ) helped align the sewing together.
Colours are looking lovely.
Ash hasn't reached NZ( yet )it's blowing east I think not south.

Amy said...

I love your denim quilt. I can't wait to see more! I found that with my cathedral windows quilt, fiddling while I sewed did help so perhaps it will be your answer too.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I am loving the denim, never done this type of quilt...looks tricky!
Can completely relate to "don't know where to start! Story of my quilting life at present! Have fun, Tracey