Friday, 3 September 2010

Catching up.

You'd better grab a cuppa! I've got lots of pictures to show you, and some chit chat too!
You know how I went to the Birmingham festival with mum? She asked me to make her an elephant quilt to go in her spare room. I agreed of course, so she started buying animal prints and panels! I haven't taken the time to spread these out and show them at their best,
I just spread them out and snapped them quickly.
There are lots of them!
Mum and I have had a long chat about colour values,
and what does and doesn't work in her choices.
I'll have to add a few bits and pieces,
to make these work the way I think they should but,I think I have the makings of more than 3 quilts here. Mum would like them by Christmas! Hmm.....
As payment and Thank you for all my efforts, she treated me to this Santa panel. He is lovely isn't he?
She would have treated me to a lot more had I allowed her, Santa panels were in danger of becoming like African animal panels! I don't know if I'll have time to do anything with him this year.
So as well as allowing Mother to plan all of my free time between here and Christmas, what else have I been up to? More knitting. As I suggested I put away the rippling blanket for a while, it will come out to play some more as the weather cools. In the meantime I produced a second pair of boots and mittens for our pregnant friends.
I should have popped these next to a ruler or onto my cutting board, this picture really doesn't show how tiny they are. I have more yarn to knit up an Aran cardigan.
I've also been shopping. Treated myself to a couple of books. Yes I know I usually just get on and make bags without patterns, but these books look fab and will offer lots of inspiration.
I've also ordered some batting and fabrics, I'm still waiting on them, they weren't even dispatched yet. Why is it some Internet companies can get stuff to me in less than 24 hours, but others take 5 days before they even mail the package? Oh! And they have higher postage rates!
We seem to be having a second dash at summer here, the weather has become very warm again. I've been out and about walking a bit. I've taken you into our park before, but each year the flower beds are planted up with different annual plants. This one was too good to pass by.
I climbed up the hill at the back of the park and looked down into the sensory garden.
It was wonderfully cool under the trees after being out in the sun.
I love the shadows the trees create on the foot path.
What else has been happening? This week three likely looking jobs have popped up, so I'll be spending most of my morning off filling in forms and tweaking my CV.
Tony is getting closer to finishing his degree. (Distance learning) By this time next week he will have only one course left to work on. In a months time it will all be over. Six years of hard work and study will be finished. I'll have to share the TV remote again! We can have a joint social life again. I have to say though, that this year has been pretty easy, he's been able to take more time off to be with me. :-)
Right I'm off to fill in forms, then hopefully I'll have time to whip up a quick doll quilt for a colleagues grand daughter before I have to go to work.


Miss 376 said...

Lovely colour mitts and bootees. Looks like you are going to be very busy over the next few months.
Wishing you all the best in your continued hunt for a new job

Ali Honey said...

I loved seeing your gardens. You have plenty of projects to work on, so that's great.
Well done hubby!

Jenny said...

Ha ha, you'll enjoy using those animal prints Lou! Your park looks lovely.

Janice said...

Yep, your Mum does appear to have hijacked any spare time you may have up until Christmas. The quilts should look fantastic when they are finished. It looks like you have had some lovely weather to finish off your summer. The gardens are looking lovely.

Shiree said...

the gardens look great!!! Good luck with the job hunting...

Gina E. said...

Lovely photos on this post, Lou!
Those fabrics are beautiful - I've seen some of them in quilt shows over here and been very tempted to buy some, but common sense prevailed, and I left them on the counter.