Sunday 5 September 2010

Best laid plans........

Did I say in my last post that I was going to whip up a quick doll quilt for someone?
That was the plan, but look what happened.
I started chopping up a fabric roll and remembered seeing something like this at Quilters Cache and voila, look what happened! I've started putting all the pieces together into 9 patch units. I think I want to make it a little bigger, maybe add a plain border, then have a round of more crosses. This is fun.
Sorry Emma Lee, no doll quilt just yet.
As you know, we have family in NZ. I'm happy to say that every one is OK. I looked in on all of my NZ bloggy friends too and all is well there. I do hope that everyone remains safe and well and that things get back to normal asap. In the meantime I'll be thinking of all those who had to leave their homes due to damage. Take care all.


Gina said...

that's going to be agreat little quilt.
I'm glad all the family are ok back in NZ. It must have been a worrying time for you

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Janice said...

The crosses are such a simple and effective design. No wonder you are having fun. Glad all OK in NZ.

Jenny said...

Lovely quilt, it's going to look great.