Thursday, 10 February 2011

If at first you don't succeed

Rip it out and start again! Sigh......
That seems to have been an issue with this little jacket. I tore the hood out several times before the pattern instructions 'clicked' into my head. The button hole band was the same.
Even this photo shoot! I tried several different times, on different surfaces, with and without flash.....It's not at it's best here, it's not even finished, I still have to close up the sleeve and side seams and find some buttons. But it's close enough to being finished for me to post here, and tomorrow Tony can take it to work and hand it over to Freya's Daddy.
Speaking of buttons, look what I found yesterday. The little apple pin I spied in a charity shop window, nestled amid all the red items on display. While I was inside paying for said apple, these buttons just hopped out of a box on the counter and begged to come home with me. (The tea spoon is just for scale) I had camera issues with these too, you're not seeing them at their best. I adore them.
I've no particular project in mind for them though, so they'll go into the tin and come out when they're needed.
For those who are counting, this is post number 599! Last chance. You may only have 24 hours, on the other hand, you may have 4 days. I'll need those four days and a little more in order to finish your gift. The threads I want for it are not available from my usual OLS so I shopped around and found them somewhere else and I just had a call from them saying they are out of stock! I've agreed that they can send the closest possible match. I'll see how that looks, if it doesn't work, I've already started thinking about plan C.
I'm off to make a cauldron of soup and close up those seams. I might even have time for a new start before I go to work. :-)


Miss 376 said...

Some patterns are like that, but once they click, you wonder what all the bother was about, lol. It's looks perfect for the weather we have at the moment

Janice said...

I'm glad the pattern finally worked. Freya will look so snug in her new little jacket. I think the apple pin would have found its way home with me too, if I had seen it. Very cute.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous little jacket Lou, and I love the buttons!

Jenny said...

Weren't you lucky spying those treasures in the shop.

Lovely baby knitting too!

Jewells said...

I just love the baby cardigan.. looks like an Aran Cardigan.. blackberry stitch and all those cables... ssooooo cute!... I haunt op-shops too. Sometimes you see nothing but other times you come home with quite a bit..the more you look the more you see!...cheers..

QuiltSue said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes a pattern just "clicks" in your head right away, but others you seem to unsew or unknit over and over. I often find that once one things confused me, there will be other parts waiting to catch me out too. Or is that just me?