Tuesday, 15 February 2011

We have two winners.

Well I dragged it out to post number 601. But better late than never. Joe brought a friend home with him last night, so I got them each to play along with my give away. The bowl on the left was the draw for suggesting a name, for the quilt with no name. Michael kindly drew out 'AnnieO'.
The bowl on the right was drawn by my Joe, it had forty slips of paper all vying for the chatterbox prize. :-) Joe drew out Janice. I've emailed both girls and will get packages away soon.
What are they eating? Joe's Raspberry meringues. There was red food colour everywhere, you should have seen Michael's face!
I didn't make it up into the sewing room yesterday. Instead I did some more knitting. I finished off the back of the cardigan and cast on both fronts. This is a new trick for me, working on both fronts or both sleeves at the same time. Like I said yesterday with no pattern and not even a raglan sleeve, this is quite a boring knit. I'm glad I added the cream coloured rib. I think the whole garment made in this pink would be very over powering for a baby.
Hopefully it will be a quick knit and I can get back to something more challenging soon. On today's jobs list is the need to find some buttons that will match. Hopefully in shocking pink!
While my Hunney and I were discussing not going out for dinner in order to save money, I did suggest that perhaps he not spend quite so much on flowers as he normally would. He took my advice. In a departure from the usual Stargazer (Christmas) Lilies and red roses he took notice of my interest in the tulip bouquets. This is not the best of pictures, the flowers are all washed out, but they are beautiful. Thank you Hunney.
Our dinner went well. I made a starter of home made pizza wheels, home made coleslaw and home pickled beets with a little green salad. We followed with Beef Wellington, (perfectly cooked! Yippie!) roasted sweet potato and pea pods with a red currant sauce. I'm still stuffed, but Tony managed to eat one of Joe's meringues.
Take care.


Janice said...

Thanks Joe for picking my name out of the pudding bowl. I wonder what is being sent? I love surprises.
Lou, your flowers are gorgeous. Tony has good taste.

QuiltSue said...

Congrats to both winners. Beautiful flowers, and the dinner sounds wonderful.

Miss 376 said...

Stunning colour for the cardigan

Jenny said...

What a delicous meal you had, sounds yummy. Lovely flowers too. It is nice to do something special on Valentine's Day

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely tulips! You are a lucky girl!

Kerry said...

The tulips are beautiful and the meal must have been delicious! Congratulations on your 601st blog post! I just thought I would pop in for the 1st time to say that I've been reading your blog for a long time and just love it!

AnnieO said...

Thank you to Michael for drawing out my name! But Lou, if you don't like the name I suggested, please name the quilt what you wish!

Those raspberry meringues look yummy. I made an apple crisp.

Darling sweater!