Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Still Off Work. :-)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my prizes. I will be entering the next village show. It will be held in October in a village called Andreas, just North of my home town. Mum and I are still thinking about what exactly to enter. Getting our hands on a program would be good, but they are not available yet.
My back is mending, slowly, it is better than it was, so I'm getting there. To be honest I'm fed up, I've had enough of my own company. Walking is good for it, and I try to get out everyday, but there is a staircase between me and street level. Getting up again after my walk is not so bad, getting down beforehand is getting easier.
As I said the other day, I've been stitching away. I have one secret Christmas project complete and have started on more. I now know who my recipient is for the SSCS and have been for a look about on her blog. Nope, I don't have any fabrics even remotely like that!! So I went shopping online.
Here is what I was working on when I ran out of that variegated red thread. I really should get back to it. But I started reading my kindle. 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', great read. 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', great read, 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest', I'm trying to resist the urge........
Today I plan to continue with my elves, while I watch a movie.

Yesterday I finally got around to hand stitching the sash closed on my Charming Stars quilt rows. Now I need to be able to sit at the machine in order to put the rows together. Maybe in  a day of two.
The doorbell is going to ring any minute, my masseuse is due.


Ali Honey said...

I'm glad walking is helping your back.
My comment about entering something else next time was just meant to imply that if folk went to all the local little shows they would remember what they had seen you enter last time and would appreciate it more if you entered and won with a new piece. I bet you can win a 2nd time! Good Luck!

Chookyblue...... said...

wished my chiro visited..........glad to hear the back is improving......

good to hear the SSCS planning is underway........

Anonymous said...

oh Loulee your elf wallhanging is coming along beautifully

QuiltSue said...

I'm glad you're recovering, even if it isn't as fast as you would like.

I love your elves, please can you tell me where you found the pattern?