Monday, 26 September 2011

Wearable Art.

Hows this for a school project? My lovely niece Katherine and her mum Lee have been very busy over the last few weeks. Lots of paper mache, polystyrene, glue and paint. Katherine had to produce some wearable art. As well as the costume she also had to produce a little narration to be read out as she is modelling her creation. As you can see in the photo, poor Katherine has been poorly with the flu, so her mum helped out with that too. Hopefully she'll be feeling much better for the show and tell at school.

What a sweet tooth’s delight Katherine H.... is, as a bright bowl of liquorice allsorts.It’s hard to believe, but these remnants from one of our local freezing works, has now come to life again.

Many hours have been spent, cutting, gluing and painting polystyrene cubes and the paper mache bowl.
Her most favourite piece – the real liquorice shoes (taste-testing included).

This is the first year this Year 7 student has entered the Wearable Arts, with inspiration coming from her Grandfathers jar of lollies on the lounge coffee table.
(In NZ Lollies aren't just sweeties on sticks, all sweeties/candy are called lolly) I think Katherine and Lee have done an amazing job.


Miss 376 said...

What an amazing costume, not sure I'd have had any sweets left for the shoes!

AnnieO said...

Terrifically inventive and oh so fun! What a delightful costume.

Mad about Craft said...


Gari said...

I have never seen such an imaginative costume, it is wonderful!

QuiltSue said...

That's just amazing. So original, and a brilliant interpretation of a jar of sweets.

Lynda said...

Liquorice alsorts are my favourite sweets (I'd rather have them than chocolate!) and this costume is fabulous!