Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting there.

Where's there? The other side of that viral infection. I really do feel much better today. Almost bright in fact! So even though I've had the better part f a week off work, I have very little to show.
I really didn't feel up to doing anything very much, but plodded on here and there.
I put together the squares for my final cushion front and then went a couple of rounds of (UK) double crochet and a couple of rounds of triple. I have to say, of the four, this is my least favourite. 
 You know when you get stuff free with magazines? Well my knitting magazine keeps sending me yarn and mostly it's stuff I just won't use. I was saving it to donate to someone who would knit squares for the local doggy home, then decided I could use it after all. Here we have a practice piece I started a couple of weeks ago. 
 A cute lil crochet bag. It gave me that mindless repetitive pattern I needed to keep my hands busy without too much brain power while I was unwell.
I'm not sure what I'll do with it. It really isn't me. Not in these colours anyway.
Right I'm off to sit and knit.


Miss 376 said...

Those cushions do look good together, very cosy and inviting

Stephanie said...

I love your pillows -- perfect for an afternoon nap! I think your bag is fun and pretty.